Richard Silverstein Defends Amnesty Researcher Who Sicced Hamas on to Peace Activists


You may recall how back in April, an Amnesty International researcher called Hind Khoudary got Hamas to arrest palestinian peace activist Rami Aman for holding a Zoom call with Israeli peace activists. Aman is still being held by Hamas without trial, and could face years in prison.

What made Khoudary’s actions even more reprehensible is her own experience with Hamas, which shows she knows just how brutal and abusive Hamas can be.

Back in April when Aman was arrested,  journalist Danny Gold tweeted what so many were thinking

For some reason, anti-Israel DouchebloggerTM Richard Silverstein decided just yesterday to respond. He defended Khoudary for siccing Hamas on to Aman, prompting Gold to rip Silverstein a new one

But never one to quit while he is behind, Silverstein blabbered on about respecting your elders, while insulting Gold and – get this – defending Khoudary as someone who works for Amnesty and had been imprisoned by Hamas!

In other words, how dare you insult this person who was imprisoned by Hamas, just because she works for a human rights organization, yet got Hamas to imprison someone else. They deserved it!

From Silverstein’s website:

Tikun Olam is a Mishnaic term meaning “repair [or mend] the world.” Unlike some religious traditions, Judaism comprehends evil as something inherently human. In the Zohar, it is this evil or impurity which causes the sacred keylim (“vessels”) to break. Performance of mitzvot (“commandments”) are the means to repair the vessels and so transmute evil into good.

A Kabbalist would have no problem understanding that hatred and violence between Israelis and Palestinians are evils that pollute the world. Likewise, a Kabbalist might look favorably on efforts like this blog to repair this battered region with acts of gemilut chesed (“lovingkindness”)

Silverstein is beyond being full of sh*t. He himself is evil.

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