The Gazan Preoccupation With Animal Abuse Continues

The Gazan preoccupation with animal abuse continues (hat tip: Michal)

On the roof of an apartment block in one of Gaza’s most crowded cities, two lion cubs prowl among the water tanks and dine on slaughtered chickens as children take selfies.

It is a bizarre sight even in a war-scarred Gaza Strip that has become accustomed to the unaccustomed.

The 75-day-old male and female cubs, Fathy and Filisteen (Palestine), have become playthings for bored neighbours of their owner, bakery owner Naseem Abu Jamea, though animal experts expressed concern on hearing of the situation.

“It is my hobby, I was attached to them and I love to have them,” Abu Jamea, 27, told Reuters. “I hope one day I can have my own zoo.”

Abu Jamea said he got the cubs from a local zoo but declined to give further details

No doubt the same haters who attack Israel for things like treating animals well will not utter a word about this horrid animal abuse.

As his nephews, brothers and neighbours’ children played with the animals, he dismissed the risks.

“When you raise them as babies, a harmony will grow between both of you and (they) will not hurt you,” he said.

Note how the new “owner” is only thinking about his own welfare, and not that of those he is abusing.

Sounds typical of the attitude of many Gazans also towards Israelis.

As does this

The lion cubs’ neighbours seemed untroubled.

“I am not afraid. On the contrary, we are proud that we have lions in our area,” said Wissam Al-Qarra.

But it wouldn’t be a Reuters report without trying to blame Israel

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, they had to contend with an Israeli-led land, sea and air blockade, which controls the movement of people and goods in and out of Gaza, a 360 sq. km coastal strip run by the Islamist militant group Hamas.

Israel says the closures are to protect it from militant attacks. Palestinians say they amount to collective punishment.

Note also no mention of Egypt, which is a giveaway this is purely anti-Israel bias at work.

As I’ve shown before, this abuse of animals is all on them. We have even tried to help the animals’ plight.


“Palestinian law does not permit raising wild animals in people’s homes,” he told Reuters.

Unfortunately, with so many Gazan children being indoctrinated by Hamas and other terrorist groups, this is not true.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media