Some Israeli “Foot-Washing” You Probably Never Heard About


A few days ago, ABC Gippsland posted on their Facebook page a story about how many goods were donated for the benefit of families affected by the Gippsland bushfire earlier this year, and many of these goods have been left over.

For some reason, they since deleted the post.

Mentioned specifically in the story were shoes by an Israeli company; the accompanying photo reveals that company was Naot

I would like to think the post was not deleted because of this Israeli connection. Perhaps there was something inaccurate written (although they could have simply amended the text).

Update: ABC has confirmed the post was deleted because of “abusive feedback towards the community workers doing their best to relocate the donations.”

The real point I wanted to make is while the Israel-haters accuse us of all sorts of “washing” – that is only engaging in humanitarian pursuits in order to “whitewash” our supposed crimes – Israelis continue to be at the forefront of humanitarian aid all over the world, even without Israel mentioning anything about it.

That’s because Israelis help because Israelis want to help.

Hat tip: Maimon

Update: Others posted about the generous donation at the time


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