When Even George Galloway Rebukes Former Head of JVP Rebecca Vilkomerson


Yesterday, I highlighted a number of despicable reactions to the death of Sheldon Adelson, none worse than this from Rebecca Vilkomerson, former executive director of Jewish Voice for Peace.

Rebecca Vilkomerson tweet

It seems Vilkomerson had a busy day.

Rebecca Vilkomerson tweet

She was absolutely blasted by all and sundry for this vile tweet disrespecting those who fought fascism and lost their lives during WWII.

And you know you are way beyond the pale when even George Galloway reprimands you.

george galloway response

The sad thing is Vilkomerson is not an outlier. She is typical of the type of far Leftists who are part of groups like JVP.

They are among the most amoral people you can meet.

Hat tip: Estikat

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