Tamika Mallory Announced as “Performer” at the Grammys

The performers at the Grammys have been announced. Can you spot the odd one out?



Tamika Mallory post

The rest are actual performers. Tamika Mallory is just a woke ‘activist’ and antisemite.

Which begs the question: what will she be doing there?

Since it’s the Grammys, a list seems somehow appropriate:

Nominees for The Top Things Tamika Mallory Might be Doing at Grammys

To present an ‘activism’ award to fellow “performer” Dua Lipa.

To heckle Haim.

To support BTS during their performance (she misread it as BDS)

To announce which acts will be cancelled. For good.

To introduce a performance by her friend the Calypso Charmer


David Lange

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