Mainstream Media Concocts a Fishy Tale From Gaza


Last week I posted about AFP’s ridiculous piece blaming Israel for the deaths of Gazan animals.

It started with a 9-year-old girl who lost her goldfish.

Neriman, a nine-year-old Palestinian girl, clutched a glass jar holding her goldfish Hoor, delighted it had survived after her other one, Hooriya, died in an Israeli air strike in Gaza City.

“I was so sad that Hooriya died and I cried when I buried her in the field,” said Neriman, of her first fish, whose name meant “Mermaid” in Arabic.

“But I was so happy that Hoor had survived,” she added of her second fish.

Getty Images has since released a photo series of a Gazan girl named Nana Al-Akkad – who managed to rescue her fish (click on image for caption):

Embed from Getty Images

She seems to be the new IT girl

Elsewhere, she is said to have also saved her canaries (they were parakeets in the previous report)

Nariman is happy that she has saved one of her two goldfishes and two canaries after an Israeli airstrike. Salem Al Rayyas for The National

When an Israeli bomb fell near the house that seven-year-old Nariman lived in with her family in Gaza, they were lucky to escape with their lives.

After the air strike severely damaged the building, footage of Nariman searching for her beloved pets in the mess of concrete and broken furniture went viral on social media.

Several of her pets survived the blast, but the image of one of her goldfish, found lying in the debris, has become an unlikely symbol of a conflict in which the suffering of children has been well documented.

Like many in Gaza, Nariman has been confronted with loss and hardship at an early age and is learning to live with the threat of further air attacks.

“I’m happy that I have saved the other one and my two canaries, but so sad Hurriya has died,” Nariman told The National at what was left of her house in Khan Yunis, southern Gaza.

The fish that died was named Hurriya, Arabic for freedom.

In the footage, Nariman can be seen smiling with her cousin after they retrieved her other pets: another goldfish, named Rouh, the Arabic word for soul, and two canaries.

But wait a minute. Neriman/Nariman was 9-years-old according to the first article, and now she is 7? Also, the girl pictured was named Nana in the Getty Images captions, not Neriman/Nariman. Heck, even the National, who call her Neriman above, include this video where she is named Nana.

Why is it that reports from Gaza are constantly beset by such inconsistencies?

Again, it is a rhetorical question to which I think you already know the answer.

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