Person Who Harassed SCBWI’s Diversity Officer Over Antisemitism Condemnation Complains of Harassment

Yesterday I posted how The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators apologized for a statement by its diversity officer condemning antisemitism, which seemed to offend some palestinian Arabs for some strange (read: antisemitic) reason.

As I mentioned in the post, the person to whom Lin Oliver specifically apologized was one Razan Abdin-Adnani, who has posted some antisemitic things on social media.

According to this report, Abdin-Adnani “harassed the (SCBWI) account so often that the statement condemning antisemitism had to be deleted and reposted 4 times before the Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer April Powers blocked” her. The same report mentions how Abdin-Adnani harassed the Black and Jewish April for being “pro-Israel”:

razan tweet

Now, in a classic case of projection, Abdin-Adnani is crying out that she is the one being harassed – after actress Debra Messing (who has really stepped up to the plate recently) – tweeted in support of April and exposed Abdin-Adnani’s antisemitism:

razan tweet

Here is what Debra tweeted:

No doubt Abdin-Adnani will also cry out that this post constitutes harassment.

In the meantime, please share and let’s try to get April Powers her job back. She deserves to be commended, not pressured into resignation.

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