Hamas Change the Laws of Physics

Earlier this week, I posted about the palestinian Arab who was killed by Izzedine Al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ armed wing, after supposedly being in a car that did not stop at a checkpoint.

The Hamas-run Ministry of Interior in Gaza has released the results of its investigation into his death, and as expected, it would seem to be about as truthful as one can expect from a group of terrorists. An auto-translated version follows:

On Tuesday evening, the Ministry of Interior in Gaza issued a statement clarifying the results of the investigation into the killing of Hassan Abu Zayed, east of Gaza a few days ago.

The statement was as follows:

The investigation committee in the case of the murder of the citizen Hassan Mohamed Abu Zayed (27 years old) last Friday evening, July 23, 2021, completed its work today, as the investigation relied on:

1. Testimonies of witnesses to the event

2. Forensic report

3. Forensic Evidence Report

4. Acting scene

The investigation committee concluded the following:

First: Members of the Hama Al-Thoghour Force, located east of Al-Tuffah neighborhood in a security area, noticed a suspicious movement of a speeding vehicle traveling in a undulating motion late in the evening of Friday, July 23, 2021.

Second: The two guardsmen of the gaps signaled to the vehicle to stop, but it did not respond to the instructions.

Third: In congruence between the statements of the driver of the vehicle and the two elements who guard the gaps, the driver did not comply by standing at the checkpoint, and fled from the place.

Fourth: After the vehicle escaped from the checkpoint, the two guardsmen of the checkpoints fired to stop it. According to the forensic report, it was found that two bullets hit the vehicle in the “rear collision,” one of which veered off its course after hitting a metal object from the vehicle’s parts and hit the deceased in the pelvic area, lower abdomen.

Fifth: According to the testimony of my deceased companion, who was sitting in the back seat, that he turned back the moment the vehicle escaped from the checkpoint and the shooting resulted in him being hit in the lower abdomen, which is consistent with the forensic report that the bullet entered the abdomen and exited from the back.

Based on the foregoing, the Ministry of Interior and National Security affirms the following:
1) We extend our deepest condolences to the honorable Abu Zayed family on the death of their deceased, and a delegation has been formed to visit the family and inform them of the results of the investigation.
2) The Force Protectors of the Borders shall bear the responsibility for the event and the death of the deceased, and shall abide by all the responsibilities that entail.
3) Take the necessary measures to prevent a recurrence of what happened.

Ministry of Interior and National Security

Tuesday 27 July 2021

In other words, Hamas had to get around some inconvenient facts: The autopsy of the driver’s body and the medical report of the wounded passenger sitting in the back seat revealed that the driver was shot in the groin area and that the passenger was shot in the abdomen, resulting in an exit wound in his back. Yet at the same time, they claim the Hamas guards shot at the vehicle from behind, as it attempted to drive through the checkpoint, which would be consistent with wounds from behind, and not the front of their bodies.

What to do? Simple! Hamas have changed the laws of physics. They claim the dead man was hit by a bullet that deflected on a metal part of the car to his pelvic area, while the wounded man was hit as he turned around at the exact moment a bullet was fired at the escaping vehicle.

As Abu Ali Express on Telegram, from where I first heard about this, explains, there’s a Seinfeld for this!

Update: The Independent Commission for Human Rights, who brought in a physician to attend Abu Zayed’s autopsy, said it had found unexplained discrepancies between the autopsy and the ministry’s account.


David Lange

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