Rashida Tlaib’s Vile Rosh Hashana Greeting

Remember when Rashida Tlaib wished Jews a Happy Passover by tweeting out a graphic with loaves of bread – food that Jews are prohibited from eating on Passover, and left it up even after being informed of her mistake?

If you thought she had reached the peak of insensitivity then, you are sorely mistaken. Behold, her Rosh Hashana greeting:

Because nothing says wishing your Jewish neighbors a happy new year better than retweeting an anti-Israel message from an Jew-ish hate group that routinely makes a mockery out of Judaism.

To put this in more perspective, imagine if someone’s Ramadan greetings consisted of a tweet from an anti-Muslim group, which included a link to “livestreamed services, ritual guides, and other resources for Islam beyond Mecca.”

Tlaib’s message is pretty much “Wishing the good Jews a happy new year, not the 99% who love their homeland.”

A happy new year for the Jewish people would be one in which this Jew-hater is no longer in office. Or at least that would be a heck of a good start.

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