Is This Greece’s Miss Universe Org. Best Trolling of Israel-Hater Rafaela Plastira?

As I posted a few days ago, Star and Mr GS Hellas – the organization responsible for selecting Miss Greece for the Miss Universe competition – did not take kindly to Rafaela Plastira falsely claiming she was the Greek contestant and was boycotting the host Israel. They not only posted photos of the real Miss Greece, Sofia Arapogianni, in Israel waving the Israeli flag, but shared a post of mine.

They have continued to post photos and video of Arapogianni in Israel, but this might just be the pièce de ré·sis·tance of their trolling:

And why so?

This is why:

Greece’s Miss Hellas 2019, Rafaela Plastira, told reporters she was viciously attacked by Miss Australia during rehearsals for the Miss World contest, resulting in injuries.

The 20-year-old model from Trikala is currently in London and will represent Greece in the Miss World Pageant on Saturday, December 14, however, Plastira says she was forced to withdraw from certain competition activities this week after the attack left her with a sprained ankle.

As reported by Espresso gr, Miss Star Hellas 2019 was attacked by Miss Australia Sarah Marschke on Saturday while they were leaving an official gathering.

“We were coming back from an event and as I was getting off the bus Miss Australia was behind me and she pushed me with force. I fell and sprained my ankle. For two days I was in a wheelchair and I was unable to walk,” said Plastira.

“I’m still with gauze on my foot. The girl who assaulted me claims that it was a mistake and that it was an accident, but she pushed me on purpose. From the beginning Miss Australia was very rude and hostile towards me,” added Miss Hellas.

Plastira said she will still compete in Saturday’s competition and said this incident has made her more determined and confident to represent Greece.

“The attack and the sprain have made me feel even more confident about the final,” she stressed.

Out of all the contestants to post a video with, Star and Mr GS Hellas have gone with Miss Australia. Coincidence? I think not!

Update: Meanwhile, Plastira continues her lie, posting the following to her Instagram story:

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