Five Reasons Why I Am Proud to Be a Zionist

It is not popular to be a Jew these days, let alone a committed Zionist. While common nowadays, I cannot understand Judaism without the attachment to Jerusalem. But for this connection, Judaism is no different than Enlightenment-style secularism. While Israel has a separation of “Synagogue” and State, the political roots are found in the Torah, Talmud, and other Jewish religious texts.

Just as I have never questioned my masculine gender, my commitment to Israel has never swayed. In fact, my Zionism exceeds my identity as a man, or a human being. It is what connects me to our history, over five thousands years in the making. While our haters are protesting outside the buildings that we build, let’s consider my top reasons why I am proud to be a Zionist, even in these current times.

  1. I know that my ancestors did something big with their time alive, giving me hope for my own life.
  2. If Israel can rise after 2,000 years in the desert, no hope is so remote that we cannot pray for it.
  3. The confidence in our people. From the street sweepers to the high tech innovators. Each has a unique role in Am Yisroel, each edifying the other.
  4. Our educational system gave birth to the greatest minds to ever walk this planet. If you see a major area of achievement, you will see Jews there, either in Israel or in the Diaspora.
  5. We are the oldest civilization to proceed into Modernity. Not only have we survived, we have survived well. Every tragedy ended up enriching us, bring us closer to our ultimate goal.

The goal of Judaism is Redemption, though the arrival of Moshiach Ben David. Judaism teaches us that our hands can become the tool of the Divine, executing His Will in the here and now.


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