Congressional Candidate Huwaida Arraf Makes Clear She Opposes Peace, Supports Dismantling of Israel

Last week I exposed the antisemitic incitement of Zahra Billoo, the executive director of CAIR in San Francisco, at the recent American Muslims for Palestine’s (AMP) convention called On the Road to Free Palestine.

Billoo was not the only high-profile speaker to say something alarming.

In her speech, fellow terror-supporter and antisemite Huwaida Arraf, who is running for Congress, spoke strongly against normalization projects and peace initiatives between Israelis and palestinian Arabs, while expressing her wish for the dismantling of the state of Israel.

Besides being highly troubling for a wannabe member of Congress to want to work towards the destruction of a country (let alone one which is such a close US ally), Arraf has in the past criticized former Israeli PM Netanyahu for opposing the two-state solution:

American viewpoints are changing very quickly now that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has so clearly been exposed during the recent election campaign as harboring bigoted views of non-Jewish citizens of Israel and antipathy to a two-state solution with Palestinians.

Arraf goes on in her speech to state she believes she can win and get into Congress. G-d forbid.

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