Botoxic “Journalist” Sameera Khan Happy Gal Gadot Reportedly Abused on Set by Joss Whedon

Sameera Khan is a Pakistani social media influencer who won the Miss New Jersey USA title in 2015 after she became a naturalized US citizen. She was also a journalist for Russia Today, but resigned after praising Russian dictator Joseph Stalin’s gulags. No, really:

As you can see, she is an ugly human being, despite winning a beauty pageant. So it should be no surprise that Khan would tweet this in response to Israeli actress Gal Gadot claiming that (Israel-hating) director Joss Whedon ‘threatened to make her career miserable’ during a row:

Actually, it seems Khan really has it in for Gal. You may recall she was one of those attacking the decision to cast Gal as Cleopatra. She is probably jealous that Gal is natural while Khan is…not.

Although the fact Gal is Jewish certainly does not work in her favor when it comes to Khan’s views on her:


Update: Khan has responded to this post by deleting the tweet! Oh, and

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