Habibah Jaghoori Removed as On Dit Editor; Had Been Planning to Sabotage AUJS Admission Bid

Excellent news from Australia, as the Adelaide University student union YouX has announced that ‘Death to Israel’ author Habibah Jaghoori has been removed from her position as editor of student magazine On Dit.

Following a detailed investigation and referral from the YouX Student Media Independent Committee, the YouX Board has made the decision to remove Adelaide University Student Media Director, Habibah Jaghoori from her position as an On Dit Editor effective immediately.

The Student Media Independent Committee which convened at the request of the YouX Board, found that her recent public conduct would reasonably be perceived by any fair-minded person to be threatening the welfare of students at our University. It is important to clarify that this finding is not against her article For Palestine, there is No Ceasefire, the investigation specifically related to her conduct and behaviour since the article’s publication. Despite numerous opportunities to clarify her position and dispel any misinterpretation, she has continued to use language in public forums that can be clearly construed to support actions that could threaten the welfare of students.

As an elected representative she is subject to the same organisational values as all other representatives and employees of YouX.

The Committee respects and supports the editorial independence of On Dit Editors and does not seek to censor or influence the publication in any way. The findings of the Committee are in relation to the continued and sustained behaviour of the Editor in question and the manner in which she has chosen to push her point of view in the public domain.

YouX has a mandate to support all students equally and will never condone actions which could be perceived as discriminatory against any individual or group of students. We provide critical support and services to over 25,000 students at the University of Adelaide which includes students of many varied ethnicities, religions, and identities.

We understand that differences of opinion will always exist amongst individuals and groups at a University of our size. We value diversity but advocate for respectful and constructive debate.

The decision of the Board is final and concludes all actions and investigations on this matter.

Note how it was not her infamous ‘Death to Israel’ article that did it, but the fact “she has continued to use language in public forums that can be clearly construed to support actions that could threaten the welfare of students.” While I am not entirely sure which public forums, I can only guess that the student council meeting (her conduct is seen below from about 22:00) was one of them.

When I reached out to AUJS for comment, their Vice President, Alissa Foster sent me the following statement:

“Thank you to the YouX board for listening to the concerns of Jewish students and taking a stance against bigotry and hatred. After being ignored and spoken over, Jewish students can feel relieved that their experiences and concerns have been heard and recognised”

While video from the latest meeting is not available online, On Dit have tweeted out parts, including this further great news:

Given the IHRA working definition of antisemitism includes “Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor”, they are acknowledging her article and subsequent statements are antisemitic.

Naturally, she begs to differ.

As I have previously explained, it is clear to me what Jaghoori meant, especially as she writes about a “merciless” intifada, and shills for the Iranian regime that makes no bones about wanting to wipe us off the map.

So all of this is great news for Jewish students and all fair-minded people; terrible news for Jaghoori and her fellow Israel-haters and haters of the West in general.

Allow me to make things even more terrible for her.

In an Israellycool exclusive, I can reveal that prior to this meeting, Jaghoori had been duped by the ‘Rabbi Linda’ parody Twitter account, already responsible for duping many antisemites and Israel-haters.

In screenshots provided to me by the person behind the ‘Rabbi Linda’ account (an attorney called Michael), Jaghoori requested ‘Rabbi Linda’ help her prevent Australian Jewish student organization AUJS from being approved as a student club on campus. And ‘Rabbi Linda’ obliged.

Of course, AUJS is more than a “Zionist advocacy group.” It is a Jewish federation focusing on Judaism, activism, Zionism, and pluralism. The reason Zionism is a pillar of AUJS is because Zionism is also a pillar of Judaism (just ask this guy). For many students, AUJS is their only connection with the religion.

In other words, Jaghoori was actively working to prevent this Jewish student club from being admitted at the University of Adelaide. But she is apparently not antisemitic.

What’s more, this person who wants ‘Death to Israel’ is so ignorant and stupid, she believes Gaza – where a Jew would be murdered if they even set foot there – has a ‘Chief Rabbi’ (as ‘Rabbi Linda’ professes to be).

While I am very happy Jaghoori was removed as On Dit editor, part of me is bummed she did not get a chance to whip out the Rabbi Linda statement in the student council meeting. That would have been truly glorious.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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