Richard Silverstein Falsely Accuses Jewish Writer of Being Behind ‘Rabbi Linda’ Parody Account

Richard Silverstein is a man DouchebloggerTM on a mission.

He currently has his panties in a knot over Twitter parody account Rabbi Linda Goldstein, who has fooled many an Israel-hater into believing she is real and Gaza really does have a Chief Rabbi. I can only assume Dicky himself believed it to be true – he does, after all, have quite the track record in falling for parodies and parody accounts.

In his latest post, El Doucherino has accused a journalist by the name of Jordyn Tilchen of being behind the account. His proof?

For several years, a hoax Twitter account under the name “Rabbi Linda Goldstein” has plagued the platform. 

I decided to do a bit of sleuthing to determine who might be behind the account. It was a lot easier than I expected. When I googled for images of “Rabbi Linda Goldstein” the search displayed three versions of the same picture used as the Twitter profile photo. The right-hand image displayed above is hosted by an Instagram service called tellingly, InStalker. Other than the “Goldstein” Twitter account, a search of Google Images and TinEye shows no other pictures online claiming to be Rabbi Linda Goldstein. The InStalker account is the only one associated with a real person: Jordyn Tilchen.

Some of her tweets are linguistically similar to what you’ll find at the hoax account. An additional tell-tale sign of their connection is that Tilchen’s Twitter account follows Goldstein’s account and Goldstein’s follows Tilchen.  Though there is no smoking gun in this case, the evidence points to them being one and the same.

Silverstein couldn’t sleuth his way out of a paper bag, as I demonstrated long ago when I set up a sting operation to demonstrate just how sloppy he is when fact-checking.

And sure enough, he proves it here. It starts with his first sentence, that “For several years, a hoax Twitter account under the name “Rabbi Linda Goldstein” has plagued the platform.” He couldn’t even get that right

When I Google ‘Rabbi Linda Goldstein’, I do not see three versions of the same picture as Silverstein claims. But given InStalker is an app that finds users who viewed your Instagram account and stopped following you, I do not see how, in any event, this implicates Ms. Tilchen with being behind the parody account.

As for his claim that some of her tweets are linguistically similar to what you’ll find at the hoax account, using the same logic, I could “prove” that Richard Silverstein is, in fact, a parody account run by (his fan) David Duke.

Ms. Tilchen, for her part, vehemently denies his allegations

and has threatened to sue for defamation

Silverstein made a point of mentioning where Ms. Tilchen works, so there is no doubt he had malicious intent with his post. Just like he had when he doxxed me over a decade ago, even threatening to reveal where I worked if I did not stop posting about him (he subsequently posted frequently where I worked at the time, in a failed attempt to get me fired).

Beyond Silverstein’s sloppy “logic”, I know for a fact he has accused the wrong person in Ms. Tilchen.

Back when New Jersey Democrat Imani Oakley was duped by the Rabbi Linda account, the New York Post tracked down the person behind the account.

The parody account is the creation of a pro-Israel attorney named Michael, who declined to reveal his last name because he fears retribution. Michael told The Post he created the account to mock far-left, anti-Zionists Jews.

“I am making fun of the five percent of Jews that hate Israel,” he said. “I created this personality that shows how reductive and absurd these people are.”

Silverstein saw this report and refuses to accept “Michael” as being behind the parody account:

The Post article claims the person behind the Goldstein account:

…Is the creation of a pro-Israel attorney named Michael, who declined to reveal his last name because he fears retribution.

Really, what sort of “retribution” could “he” fear?  That he’d lose his position as ‘chief rabbi?’  That supporters of BDS would target him for elimination like his beloved Mossad does to Israel’s enemies? Or that a BLM fanatic would take a potshot at him?  I believe this claim too is a hoax (after you’ve hoaxed once it’s far too easy to do it again). Tilchen’s content is far closer to Goldstein’s than anything an “attorney” could muster. If true, this means, of course, that the publications crowing about Rep. Oakley being hoaxed, were themselves hoaxed.

(How ironic that Silverstein – who tries to get pro-Israel people fired from their jobs after revealing their real identities – would question anyone remaining anonymous because they fear retribution).

Because I know how to actually do proper fact-checking, I followed up with the person behind the Rabbi Linda account, first on Twitter and then WhatsApp. I can confirm it is, indeed, an attorney called Michael.

Screenshot from WhatsApp conversation with Michael, the man behind Rabbi Linda account

Silverstein has once again demonstrated he is not only really dumb, but also malicious. He set his sights on someone who is pro-Israel because they are pro-Israel, and cares not that he may have the wrong person. For him, it is guilty until proven innocent, and even when proven innocent, he refuses to accept the proof.

On a final note, in case you were wondering why he didn’t accuse me of being behind the account (despite a history of accusing me of practically everything under the sun):

Hers is the same brand of hoax blogging represented by David Lange, whose latest “scoop” was disseminating a CAIR director’s speech, which Jewish media and Israel Lobby groups denounced as anti-Semitic.

I must confess that this is precisely the sort of hoax Lange would do. But the slick jokey nature of the content is not really his style.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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