Rolling Stone’s EJ Dickson Does What She Claims to Hate: Spreading Antisemitism

In an article for Rolling Stone on the good, old fashioned Orthodox Jewish Boys’ Choir Miami Boys Choir inexplicably becoming viral on Tik Tok, EJ Dickson decides to inject some good old fashioned antisemitism:

WHEN YOU THINK of content that’s most likely to go viral on TikTok — lesbian influencer breakups and/or mukbangs, girls surprising their lackadasical boyfriends at college, women calling out fuckboy employees at high-end furniture stores — Orthodox Jewish kiddie pop groups seem like they’d be pretty low on the list. For one thing, many of the songs are in Hebrew, a language not spoken by the majority of the TikTok-using populace; for another, Middle Eastern geopolitics seem like it would be an ideal target for the ire of cancel-happy zoomers.

Despite the seeming inevitability of one or more of these boys getting Milkshake Duck’ed (probably not a great idea to ask any of them about their opinions on Israel and Palestine), what is so charming about the explosive success of the MBC on TikTok is just how authentic it all seems.

Just to further explain, the term “Milkshake Duck” refers to a person who gains popularity on social media for some positive or charming trait but is later revealed to have a distasteful history or to engage in offensive behavior. By juxtaposing this term with the sentence following it, she is implying one or more of these Orthodox Jewish boys likely have offensive views about ‘Israel and Palestine.’ Clearly, she is equating ‘offensive’ with being pro-Israel.

Just like with my previous post, we are seeing Jews being tarred and feathered for their supposed views on Israel, just because they are Jews.

But it gets even worse. On Rolling Stone’s weekly podcast Don’t Let This Flop, Dickson’s bigotry against Jews becomes even more apparent. And vile.

A look at Dickson’s Twitter timeline reveals she supposedly deplores antisemitism and stereotyping Jews (including the idea of attacking Jews because of Israel or Covid-era behavior):

She even criticizes those who equate Judaism with Zionism!

Talk about a confused person.

She reveals she is herself Jewish or, more accurately, an “as-a-Jew” who loves bashing Israel

even writing an article last year about the IDF supposedly posting “thirst traps” on TikTok, in an attempt to get people to think favorably of Israel.

Rolling Stone has shown some troubling signs for a while now. But this latest example shows just how far gone they have become – and how cool it is becoming (again) to hate on Jews.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media