Ridiculous Rolling Stone Accuses IDF of Posting “Thirst Traps”

We have been accused of many things over the years by the haters.

Now you can add being ridiculously good looking to the list.

idf female soldierIt was just one of many articles criticizing Israel and the IDF during and after Operation Guardian of the Walls.

But who could resist clicking on a Rolling Stone article titled: “Why Are Israeli Defense Forces Soldiers Posting Thirst Traps on TikTok?

Written by American journalist EJ Dickson, a staff writer at Rolling Stone, the article accuses the IDF of using women’s bodies to win the propaganda war.

“It’s fair to say that IDF soldier thirst traps are part and parcel with the official IDF’s general strategy to use social media to win hearts and minds across the globe,” Dickson wrote.

“All of these thirst traps can create a disorienting experience for a young, horny, American progressive with pro-Palestinian sympathies – which, of course, is exactly the point,” he added.

Along with “beautiful female soldiers lip-syncing to Dua Lipa’s ‘Levitating’ or marching in fatigues and doing dances to military music,” the Rolling Stone feature used the example of influencer Natalia Fadeev as being a “thirst trap.”

Like most Israelis, Fadeev is an IDF reservist and has uploaded pro-Israel content to her personal Instagram page. But being a reservist in a Border Police unit does not make her an active soldier. The IDF cannot control what she posts on her account.

“There’s no law against a woman posting on her social media of her in a bikini, but it’s not something that is promoted or organized by the IDF,” the senior officer said. “It’s not something that we sponsor or support; it’s not something that is shared or retweeted by our pages.”

He said he “stands behind every piece of content” uploaded to official IDF accounts.

Private accounts, on the other hand, are another story. Such accounts are not monitored or regulated by the IDF, the senior officer said, adding: “It’s not our business and nothing we control.”

The IDF has had its fair share of controversies in which soldiers, both female and male, have uploaded pictures of themselves half naked or in underwear holding their weapons.
Those pictures, though, were uploaded on private accounts, not on official military channels.

“We are not using women or men in any unfitting circumstances; that’s very easily proven,” the senior officer said.

This is almost as ridiculous as the time we were accused of being racist for not raping palestinians.

Which just goes to show you the ridiculous lengths the haters will go to in order to show the extent of their hatred for us.

Meanwhile, remember folks



David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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