Marc Lamont Hill Glorifies Terrorist Who Attempted to Murder Jewish Cinema Goers

The last time I wrote about Temple University professor Marc Lamont Hill was when he condemned Kanye West’s antisemitism. As I said at the time:

This is rich coming from someone who has himself spoken of the “secret Jewish conspiracy or power” that can be defeated, and claimed that news outlets like NBC and ABC are “Zionist organizations” that produced “Zionist content.” He has also affirmed his antisemitism by disseminating antisemitic blood libels and dog whistlesglorifying and endorsing violent resistance against Israel, and calling for a “free Palestine from the river to the sea.”

Today, he reminded us again that while condemning Mr “Death Con 3 to the Jews”, he himself admires those who not only wish death to the Jews, but try to actualize it.

Fatima Al-Bernawi was a terrorist who organized the attempted bombing of a movie theater to murder innocent people.

Fatima Mohammed Bernawi (1939 – 3 November 2022) was an Afro-Palestinian militant, who was involved in the Palestinian Freedom Movement of the mid-1960s, a significant period of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. She was known as the first Palestinian woman to have organized a paramilitary operation in Israel—the attempted bombing of a movie theatre in October 1967.

The attempted bombing incident occurred in October 1967 at the Zion Cinema in Jewish West Jerusalem. Bernawi said the bomb’s civilian target was chosen in protest of a film that celebrated the Six Day War. The bomb failed to explode and she was arrested by Israeli soldiers for the attempt. Bernawi claimed her skin colour was a factor in her arrest, saying, “Of course, they arrested all the young women from African origin.”

Though sentenced to life in prison, Bernawi was released in a prisoner exchange in 1977 after having served 10 years. She was deported, but returned to the political party Fatah, later serving as the first female chief of the Palestinian Female Police Corps in Gaza. 

By 1996, she was “the highest ranking female in Fateh militia and… head of the women’s section of the police in the Palestinian self-rule government in the Gaza Strip and Jericho”. Yasser Arafat, noted leader of Fateh and Chairman of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), held her in high regard, once saying that “if he would marry anyone it would be [Fatima] Bernawi”.

Though the bombing she was honoured for was a failure, Bernawi insisted it was successful, saying, “This is not a failure, because it generated fear throughout the world. Every woman who carries a bag needs to be checked before she enters the supermarket, any place, cinemas and pharmacies.”

He certainly seems to have a thing for female terrorists in particular. Perhaps he one day hopes of getting Leila’d by one.

Remember this is also the guy who would have us believe that when he says “a free Palestine from the River to the sea,” he is not calling for Israel’s destruction, but rather a call “for freedom and equal rights for all citizens, irrespective of race, religion, class, gender, or sexual identity.” Because nothing quite expresses freedom and equal rights for all like targeting a movie theatre full of Jews.


4/11/2022: He just deleted the tweet, but not because it was evil. I guess he prefers this photo of her:

4/11/2022: What a fanboy.

6/11/2022: Marc Lamont Hill doubles down on his support for her, despite knowing she tried to murder as many people as possible.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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