Palestinian Arabs Seethe Over Money Spent on World Cup…Instead of Them

As Israel-haters rejoice over the displays of solidarity with the palestinian Arabs, and the unadulterated hatred shown towards Israeli journalists at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, some palestinian Arabs are reportedly furious at Qatar – for wasting the money on the World Cup instead of them!

Palestinians are expressing anger at Qatar, a country that has always been funding mega-terrorist group Hamas and other jihadist entities for spending between US$220-240 billion on hosting the FIFA World Cup, instead of transferring this amount in Gaza.

The tiny Arab nation spent such huge amount of cash hoping it will boost its image in the world, win friends and influence people.

The Palestinians are mad at Qatar for such huge spending on hosting FIFA World Cup, while Doha’s financial support to Palestinians is “comparatively little”.

While Palestinians are extremely happy at videos of football fans in Qatar who insulted Israeli reporters, Palestinian journalists and writers see that Qatar and the rest of the Gulf nations “only pretend to support Palestinians”.

They say, while Qatar spends US$220-2240 billion in the FIFA World Cup, it is not paying “just” US$10 billion for housing projects for two million Palestinians in the Palestinian territories and two additional power plants. They argued, “what’s ten billion dollars to a country like Qatar, that has just spent US$220-US$240 billion on World Cup infrastructure, to spiff up its international image?”

“The splendor of the World Cup marks the demise of what little concern other Arab and Muslim countries had for the fate of the Palestinians over the past two decades. This attention will go down in the history of the Middle East as a clear sign of the oil-rich Arab states turning their backs on their Palestinian brethren”, they added.

Palestinian writers said, here is Qatar, spending nearly a quarter of a billion dollars on the World Cup, and all it can manage to give the Palestinians this year is a few hundred million dollars. And that is the most that any Arab state gave to the Palestinians this year. Saudi Arabia, which receives one billion dollars a day in oil revenues, gave the PA in 2022 only US$27 million. Before that, the last Saudi donation to the Palestinians had been in 2019 – when Riyadh gave a paltry US$50 million. Almost all of the oil-rich Arab states have cut their contributions to the Palestinians way down or have eliminated them altogether.

Although some are not living in la-la land:

But neutral analysts said, some of the Arab countries are tired of the constant Palestinian demands for more aid. There is donor fatigue. There is the knowledge of just how corrupt the PA and Hamas leaders have been and continue to be, in stealing so much of the aid money that is meant for the people they claim to care for.

And speaking of the World Cup and palestinian Arab corruption:

Leaked Palestinian Authority documents about the participation of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, his entourage, and his extended family in the events surrounding the football World Cup in Qatar have again exposed Abbas’ priorities and the priorities of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The leaked documents – correspondence between the office of Abbas, the Palestinian Embassy in Qatar, and the Qatari Foreign Office – expose a new list of priorities for Abbas and the PA to spend the money of the Palestinians, as follows:

  1. Mahmoud Abbas must go to the opening ceremony of the World Cup and spend a few days in plush Qatari hotel.
  2. Abbas must take his wife Amina Abbas with him
  3. Abbas must take his granddaughter Hala Mazen M Abbas with him.
  4. Abbas must take his grandson Mahmouf Mazen M Abbas with him.
  5. Abbas must take his granddaughter Mariam Mohd Filio Alsarraj with him.
  6. Abbas must take his grandson Mazen Mahmoud Mazen Abbas with him.
  7. Abbas must take his grandson Ammar Abbas with him.
  8. Abbas must take his grandson Ali Mazen M Abbas with him.
  9. Abbas must take his granddaughter Tara Samir Khawaja with him.
  10. Abbas must take his granddaughter Noor Abbas with him.
  11. Abbas must take his grandson Walid W.A. Takorial Tamemi with him.
  12. Abbas must take his grandson Mohammed Ziyad T.M. Abbas with him.
  13. Abbas must take his granddaughter Lena Wail Abbas with him.
  14. Abbas must take his granddaughter Lara Wail Abbas with him.
  15. Abbas must take his grandson Karim Wail Omar Abbas with him.
  16. Abbas must take his grandson Mohamed Hussein Mohamed Hussein with him.
  17. Abbas must take his grandson Ahmad Abbas with him.
  18. Abbas must take his granddaughter Dania Mohammad J M AlQatami with him.
  19. Abbas must take a photographer AND a videographer with him.
  20. Abbas must take PLO official, Jibril Rajoub with him.
  21. Abbas must take PLO official Hussein Al-Sheikh with him.
  22. Abbas must take Majid Ferej, head of the PA General Intelligence Service and a member of Fatah‘s Revolutionary Council with him.
  23. Abbas must pay salaries to terrorists
  24. Abbas must provide health, education and welfare to the Palestinians.

The following are some of the documents leaked:

Document from the office of Abbas with the details of his grandchildren accompanying him to Qatar and the World Cup

Document from the office of Abbas to the Palestinian Embassy in Qatar, with the details of Abbas’ entourage:

The first name is Abbas’ wife Amina, the second is Hussein Al-Sheikh, the third is Jibril Rajoub, and the fourth is Majid Ferej. The fifteenth and sixteenth names are the names of Abbas’ photographer and videographer. The other names include Abbas’ physician, a nurse, and the heads of his security detail

The following is a bill in the amount of USD $79,478.02 from the Ritz-Carlton for rooms for the “State of Palestine Delegation”. It is unclear who stayed in these rooms.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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