Israel-Haters Eat Their Own Over ‘Puma’ April Fools Prank Gone Wrong

On April 1, Israel-haters Manchester Palestine Action posted this video of Puma seemingly deciding to slash its contract with the Israel Football Association.

It was spread far and wide by haters joyous over the news – including even a Member of the Central Council of the PLO, and Palestinian National Council:

Yeah, awkward:

Seething hilarity ensued:

An April Fool’s prank by a UK-based activist group has been slammed as “extremely irresponsible” by pro-Palestine supporters online.

On Saturday, ManPalestine Action published a video to raise awareness about the Israeli regime’s crimes in Palestine, claiming Puma had decided to slash its contract with the Israel Football Association.

The video purported to show an alleged Puma spokesperson announcing the move and calling the Zionist regime a “racist” and “apartheid” state.

“We at Puma are announcing we will not renew our contract with the Israel Football Association after the 2022/23 season,” the actress, posing as a spokesperson said in the circulating video.

Since being posted online, the video has gone viral across social media, with many believing the sketch and calling for the removal of the boycott on Puma as well as the resumption of purchasing its products.

However, others have viewed this move as insensitive to Palestinians and their struggle, forcing the group to issue a clarification shortly after.

“Yesterday’s news on Puma was an April Fool’s sketch but it’s a real depiction of what Puma’s actions should aspire to be, and to highlight the position that all companies should take against the Israeli Apartheid regime,” the group said.

“We call on everyone to Boycott Puma and anyone else complicit in Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians. We must increase the pressure on Puma, grow the campaigns against them, and give them no choice but to finally end their contract with Israel in 2023,” the statement read.

News of the alleged severance of ties with Israel, though fake, was widely welcomed online. Many called the fake news an “amazing decision”, “brilliant news”, and even describing Puma as now their “favourite brand“.

One user wrote: “Astonishing to see this put so clearly and robustly, especially the apology to Palestinian athletes and their families, long overdue but welcome.”

“I have not bought nor promoted PUMA in ages, but now, I will 100% buy PUMA & encourage others to do so now that they ditched an Apartheid racist regime,” said a user in another such overtly-misinformed reaction to the group’s move.

“Well done PUMA..hope more sponsors follow auch brave move isolating the apartheid entity,” another misinformed person wrote.

Questioning the bizzarre attempt at trying to raise awareness a Twitter user said: “This is kind of questionable to post on April Fool’s Day… I don’t think Palestinian liberation is something to joke about and a lot of people will take this at face value and stop boycotting PUMA.”

“If this is an April Fools’ thing, this is extremely irresponsible and is already being shared by others on Instagram, who are expressing relief about being able to purchase Puma products. You should take this down and clarify,” another frustrated user said.

Replying to people’s tweets that are calling out the falsity behind the alleged Puma news, a Twitter user wrote: “Omg thanks for pointing this out! I was about to buy the Moroccan nat’l team’s Puma jersey before I saw your tweet. This is highly irresponsible and counter-productive!”

As opposed to the fake news the haters are putting out every day of the year, not just April 1.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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