CJ Werleman Again Proves How He is NOT a Journalist But IS An Antisemite

CJ Werleman likes to pretend he is a journalist, but it should be clear to anyone paying attention that he is merely a propagandist who seems to be trying to cash in on hatred of the Jewish state.

He also likes to pretend he is anti-Zionist-not-antisemitic, but the receipts show otherwise.

Werleman’s latest video – titled Zionism in Saudia Arabia – the Heartland of Islam – is a great example of how he is no credible journalist but is an incredible antisemite.

His allegation that Zionists believe in a “Greater Israel” encompassing Lebanon, as well as parts of Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, is a malicious libel, one seemingly designed to inflame the Muslim world against Israel. Not that he hasn’t tried to incite such a Holy War before – it is what he does.

True, some Zionists might desire a “Greater Israel”, but they represent a tiny minority and even then, do not plan on doing anything about it. The vast majority of “Zionists” are merely proud Jews who believe in Jewish self-determination in present day Israel, which represents our indigenous homeland. And the vast majority of us are also pro-peace and pro-normalization with the Arab and Muslim world.

Werleman continues the theme of demonizing us by misrepresenting “Zionism” as some insidious force, and while he generally manages to avoid the “J” word, slips up when he alleges Zionism “endorses and encourages the supremacy of Jewish migrants over indigenous Arab populations.” Leaving aside how this is factually not only false, but an inversion of the truth (the Arabs conquered and colonized the land and relegated indigenous Jews to dhimmi status), the idea of Jewish supremacy was popularized by arch antisemite and former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke.

His claim that Zionism is “why 7 million palestinians remain stateless today after being forcibly displaced from their homes for the past 75 years” is another outright lie. Those who were displaced from their homes number approximately 10% of this number, and even then, many of those left on their own accord after either being encouraged by the Arab armies (but not before being promised they would return after the Jews would be dealt with), or fleeing during the war. Where Werleman gets his 7 million figure is anyone’s guess, given even the inflated UNRWA number is 5.9 million, and includes those who migrated to the area even as late as June 1946, as well as the “the descendants of Palestine refugee males, including adopted children” (as such, even the multi-millionaire Hadids qualify).

By the way, this segment of his video is a great example of just how sloppy Werleman is. As he mentions the 7 million, a graphic suggesting there are 5.4 million refugees appears:

cj werleman1

But back to his malicious allegations, which includes the idea that we are pursuing normalization with Saudi Arabia only with insidious motives, and not because – say – we want peace. The idea that Jews only do good in the world with an evil agenda very much smells like antisemitism. As does referring to us as “Zionist overlords”, which Werleman does soon after (and what kind of credible journalist would even speak this way?)

Playing up “Zionist influence” in the heartland of Islam also plays into the antisemitic trope of Jews controlling foreign governments. And his proof of this supposed influence? The Israeli anthem being played at a video game cup rehearsal (but not the ceremony), as well as an Israeli journalist sneaking in to Mecca. You cannot make this stuff up (although Werleman is doing exactly that).

I mean, if one individual sneaking in to a holy site is emblematic of the growing influence in that place of the entire group to which the individual belongs, then I could argue the below is proof of the growing influence of Jew-haters in the Holy Land:

cj werleman western wall graffiti

Plus notice just how lacking in self-awareness Werleman – who is demonizing Israel as an apartheid state – is, when he bemoans how the Israeli journalist snuck in to Mecca “even though the holy sites are strictly off-limits to Muslims.” Refer to the above screenshot again to ponder just how ridiculous he is!

And speaking of ridiculous, the allegation that Saudis are scrubbing their textbooks of “anything critical of Israel” which means “Saudi children are being taught the twisted, Zionist version of the history of Palestine” is as untrue as it is preposterous. If you read the actual report belonging to the headline displayed next to him when he say this, you will discover the truth:

According to a recent report by the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (Impact-se), references to Christians and Jews were recently amended in Saudi school textbooks, CNN reported on Monday.

Impact-se, an Israeli organization focused on monitoring the representation of Israel and Jews in educational materials, conducted the study.

The report highlights the removal of claims that Jews and Christians are enemies of Islam, and schoolbooks now moderate their language regarding Israel. References to “the Israeli enemy” or “the Zionist enemy” have been replaced with phrases such as “the Israeli occupation” or “the Israeli army of occupation.”

It should have been clear already just what a fraud Werleman is. But as I keep saying in these situations, it never hurts to be reminded.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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