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Serial Liar “Journalist” CJ Werleman Tries To Incite Religious War

Antisemite and Israel-hater CJ Werleman has tweeted the following incendiary claim

Serial Liar “Journalist” CJ Werleman Caught Disseminating Another Anti-Israel Libel

A few days ago, antisemite and Israel-hater CJ Werleman tweeted out an anti-Israel report claiming we executed an innocent young palestinian man in Jerusalem's old city.

Jew Hater CJ Werleman Terminates the Truth

Jew hater CJ Werleman has tweeted about Zionist Deathbots.TM

Israel Haters Silent As Palestinians Gassed in Tunnel. Can You Guess Why?

One of the tests to determine who is an antisemite is to see if they employ a double standard against Israel, the only Jewish state in the world. And today, we were handed the opportunity to put that test into action, with news that two palestinians died after Egypt pumped toxic gas into the smuggling tunnel they were in.

Jew Hater CJ Werleman Accuses Donald Trump of Doing What HE Does

"Journalist" CJ Werleman opines in the Sydney Morning Herald that US President Donald Trump is shamelessly using the Jews.

Hater CJ Werleman’s Latest Libel: Israel Mosque Demolition Ethnic Cleansing

Hater CJ Werleman can't seem to help himself

Jew Hater CJ Werleman Stabs Himself in the Foot

The dumbassery here has reached epic proportions.

Israel Hating Idiots Lie Again

The latest anti-Israel libel is going viral.


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