CBS Colorado Attempts to Whitewash Anti-Israel Protest as “Pro-Peace”

CBS Colorado have reported on an anti-Israel protest outside JNF’s four-day Global Conference. The video report is titled Jewish National Fund accuses Denver protesters of antisemitism, who say they just want peace says it all – it paints the protesters as misunderstood peace protesters who care deeply about Jewish (Israeli) lives as well as Muslim and Arab lives, denounce hate, and want peace.

Note how the reporter goes out of his way to “both-sides” this protest, showing allegations of threatening behavior by both sides (that of the pro-Israel side consists of one alleged conference attendee wearing a vile shirt); how he interviews Jewish Voice for Peace (and not the Colorado Palestinian Coalition, the true organizers of the protest), in what seems to be an attempt to make the protest “kosher.”; how he paints the person who held up the “by any means necessary” sign as not affiliated with the organizers, as if that is relevant (we have seen pretty much every such protest involving protesters with genocidal chants and banners).

Meanwhile, the report contains this footage which clearly shows threatening behavior. And if that cognitive dissonance was not enough, Reema Wahdan saying “We have never been calling for the destruction of Israel…” – as the sign “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free” flashes on the screen – says it all.

According to Israellycool contributor Virág Gulyás, who was at the conference:

“What a damn disgrace the profession journalism has become.

This reporter WAS at the conference, he saw the threats, the SWAT team we needed to keep us safe. And then he dares coming out with this piece?

JNF-USA did not ACCUSE the protestors, WE PROVED IT without a doubt.”

What CBS Colorado seems to forget is how they reported before the protest took place – and it was clear from their report (by the same reporter) that the protest was never about peace, but rather about shutting down the conference!

To quote Virág again, shame on the reporter, shame on CBS Denver, shame on all the journalists who literally PROVED us how they lie and manipulate.


4/12/23 8:40: Virág tells me the guy with the vile t-shirt was not even part of the conference, he worked for the convention center.

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