This Palestinian Stands With Israel

It’s been 57 days since the terror attack by ISIS Hamas on innocent Israeli civilians.

They didn’t discriminate between women, children, elderly, Arabs, Muslims and non-Muslims. As usual, terrorism serves to inflict as much harm and bloodshed as possible.

They raped women, cut off heads, burned people alive; the horror of this terror was the worst Jews have suffered since the Holocaust.

The Palestinians rejoiced over this supposed victory, even so-called civilians from Gaza participated in such horror, and danced in the streets in celebration.

As a Palestinian watching the horror unfold, it was my duty to return and stand by the Jews who suffered this massacre. For I have disowned the evil of my own Palestinian people and stand by the Jews who have been victimized throughout history and wronged by my own. Yet when I came to them, they welcomed and loved me as one of their own, welcoming me into a tribe that is powerful, resilient and loving, and wanting to live in peace on their ancestral land.

I saw how even in their loss and grief, they have maintained their humanity, even though they have no choice in the matter.

ISIS Hamas started a war and Israel must finish it to ensure such evil never inflicts horror upon anyone ever again.

Israel has always sought to protect their citizens regardless of religion or creed; all are equal, deserving of the same rights, protection and justice. When Israel was hurt, all her citizens were hurt, and they all stand united together.

Since the beginning of the war, we saw Israel strive to protect civilian lives in Gaza, going to great lengths to defend the same people who sought its own destruction. On the other hand, ISIS Hamas did everything in its power to shield itself with the bodies of their own using them as human shields. We saw how they manipulated the media and public opinion, inflating the casualty count and even staging fake deaths of children.

This is a terror group who admits it builds its tunnels for their own, leaving their citizens defenseless without any protection. They have always used them as human shields operating within hospitals, schools and mosques.

I have recently experienced a personal loss and found comfort and refuge by the same people who we sought to destroy – the Jews. I got to feel their pain and they felt mine. Their love, kindness, and support was beautifully genuine. I saw how they felt our pain, when we failed to feel theirs. Even in time of war, they have continued to keep their humanity for the enemy and understood that ISIS Hamas is the enemy of all of us. No amount of words are enough to describe the strength and resilience of the Jewish people.

I can only say this: I, a Palestinian, stand with Israel.

Am Yisrael Chai!

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