“Comedienne” Nicole Arbour’s Latest Insane Antisemitic Rant

Remember Nicole Arbour, the “comedian” and “influencer”, supposedly with “over 1.5 billion views”, who I had never heard of until someone pointed out her Jew-hatred?

She is so forgettable that I had forgotten who she was – until her latest awful “I am not an antisemite but watch me show just how antisemitic I truly am” rant was brought to my attention.

Arbour represents Gen Z, and it are ignorant, hateful, but photogenic, people like her who are helping poison the minds of this generation. It does not matter that you and me had not heard of her – this video was shared with her quarter of a million followers on Twitter, and has been viewed 40,000 times as of the time of this post (she has 2 million followers on Instagram).

Putting our hands over our eyes and ears won’t make the Nicole Arbours of the world go away nor will it shield our young from being exposed to this poison. All we can do is expose their moral bankruptcy and Jew hatred.

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