The Disturbing Antisemitism of Australian “Mommy Bloggers”

Last week, Sky News Australia’s Sharri Markson ripped into some Australian influencers/mommy bloggers, who have been posting the most disgraceful garbage that goes beyond “anti-Zionist” and crosses the line in to antisemitism, while also making a joke of their claims of being “feminists.”

I have looked into these women and Sharri is absolutely right. They are vile.

Take Constance Hall. This is the full video she posted, which Sharri mentioned in her report. Note how besides comparing our hostages to dogs, she refers to us as “the chosen ones”, a blatantly antisemitic mockery of Jewish belief.

And just a few hours ago, she posted the following – replete with antisemitic tropes – in response to the firing of “news personality” Antoinette Lattouf:

And if you want to be completely depressed, read the comments underneath her post, which are overwhelming in agreeance with her.

Her other posts are no better, and she wastes no time comparing us to the Nazis

while dehumanizing us like they did:

Clementine Ford, whose podcast with Nova Entertainment was just cancelled after two years with the network due to her abhorrent social media posts, is another. Here is the full, vile post referenced by Sharri:

 And there’s too many other vile posts to reproduce here, but here’s a sample, including those calling Jews “White”:

comparing us to the Nazis:

and implying Hamas are not terrorists:

Of course, she claims she is not antisemitic – while dehumanizing us as “monsters”:

These vile women are a disturbing reminder as to the normalization of evil. Heck, I would go further and call it making evil beliefs seem cool.

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