Another Douglas Murray Masterclass

You must already realize I am a huge fan of bestselling author and journalist Douglas Murray, who has done a sterling job on international media presenting Israel’s case – all because he is an honest journalist and someone who cannot tolerate the lies and hate being levelled against us.

His latest appearance on Piers Morgan – a debate with Israel-hating The Young Turks founder and host Cenk Uygur, is quite simply a masterclass. Douglas hits all the points and does so without getting heated. He expresses his annoyance with biting sarcasm and facial expressions, while his interlocutor raises his voice and comes across as a lying bully. Douglas had this won before he even began.

Many Israel-advocates think Israeli Government Spokesman Eylon Levy is our finest spokesperson. He has been very good in that role, but as an official spokesperson, he is already at a disadvantage when it comes to influencing hearts and minds of people outside the pro-Israel bubble. As an independent journalist, Douglas has a better chance of doing so, and no-one comes close to his articulateness.

Also, supporters got really excited over Eylon Levy’s eye-brow raise during a Sky News interview and while it was indeed a sight to behold, but Douglas even does that best.


I wish we could somehow replicate Douglas Murray. Perhaps Israel’s much vaunted hi tech sector is working on it as we speak.

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