Gazan Mall Slams Hamas For Attempting To Sell Aid Goods At High Prices

Ihab Hassan is a Palestinian-Christian on Twitter/X. As someone with no love lost for Israel (to say the least), you can trust that the below Tweet about a Gazan mall speaking out against Hamas is true:

Screenshot in case deleted

The post no longer appears on Al Shaer Mall’s Facebook page; I am guessing Hamas threatened them and they deleted it. This one blaming the corrupt traders but not Hamas does, though:


This war revealed the ugly faces of the merchants
Which I knew for many years
I live with it, which is built on greed and injustice
Monopoly, corrupt competition, bribery and lying
And here they are, in the most difficult circumstances, not caring about the conditions
Sad people, not even the heartbreaking hunger of children
They remain as they are, unjustly taking people’s money
Greed and lack of morals


Yup, those Hamas-holes sure love to inflate prices:

The father of Sgt. Adir Tahar, who fell on October 7, told Channel 14 that Gazans tried to sell his son’s head for $10,000.

In an interview given to Channel 14’s show Now, David Tahar told the hosts about the journey he went on to bring his son’s remains home for burial.

“Unfortunately, his body was abused after his death,” continuing “The terrorists, they call them barbarians this is complimenting them, they just beheaded him and took his head back to Gaza with them.”

“Over the course of two and a half months, I turned the world upside down to try and understand where the head was.”

Interrupting him the host asks, “You received a body without a head?”

“I received a body without a head and I pleaded with the army to see the body, because, at a certain point, you lose faith in the army.”

“Every person I met for the next two months plus, I would ask for information. At the very least I could understand where it was.”

David watched as much footage from the aftermath of October 7 as possible to try and help understand what had happened to his son’s head. He eventually found the footage of his son, where he could see his son had been beheaded.

“Three weeks ago a miracle happened. I’m calling it a miracle because it is not something simple.”

“The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency), through an interrogation with arrested terrorists, discovered that one of the terrorists had tried to sell his head.”

“He tried to sell a soldier’s head for $10,000. It’s simply a terrifying level of barbarity.”

“Special forces combined with armored brigades entered Gaza and in an ice cream store in Palestine Square, just so you understand where they put it. In a duffel bag, next to some of the terrorist’s documents and tennis balls, they found my son’s head.”

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