Libel Debunked: Israeli Toy Company Selling Dolls of Bloody Palestinian Babies

Over a week ago, a video of a palestinian Arab baby doll started circulating on social media, with users claiming it was the work of “Zionists” or an “Israeli doll company”:


It even made some news sites like Albawaba, which stated as fact the doll was made in Israel:

Made in Israel! Palestinian baby doll, covered in blood, sold in Mexico

A video of a Palestinian baby doll has caused wide criticism on social media, as the doll was seamed in blood, which people said it mocks the tragedy of Palestinian children in Gaza.

A video, believed to have been first shared by the @filasteeni page on Instagram, shows a Palestinian baby doll covered in blood, which many said it displays the situation of Palestinian kids pulled from under the rubble.

According to activists, the doll was allegedly found in one of the toy stores in Mexico. 

The Palestinian baby doll production country reads “Israel”, which triggered massive anger that Israel is making fun of Palestinian children suffering amid the ongoing war in Gaza which has killed thousands of kids.

On the external cover of the doll, a sentence describing the doll reads: “INCLUYE BEBE PALESTINO”. The Palestinian baby doll was also spotted wearing black and white Palestinian Keffiyeh.

Gaza local health authorities said that the death toll in the Gaza Strip hit at least 23,210 Palestinians, and injured 59,167 others, mostly women and children.

When I first saw these allegations, I knew immediately this was fake, and probably the work of Israel-haters as part of some sick “artivism.” This assessment was based on my knowledge of my fellow Israelis (no-one would do such a thing, let alone an actual company), as well as my knowledge of the haters (who will stoop to any depth in order to demonize us). But I needed proof before coming out with this debunking. Thankfully, others have now found that proof.

Reuters geolocated, opens new tab the clip to the outside of the Hidalgo market in the Doctores neighborhood of Mexico City. Google Street View images show the same shop and brown building viewable at the start of the video published by the artist on Jan. 6.

In response to a Reuters request for comment, the artist said the project was made to “show the reality of what is happening in Gaza.”

“There is only one doll, and it’s not for sale anywhere,” Negro said to Reuters. The artist shared a clip of the creation, opens new tab of the doll in a post shared on Instagram on Jan. 11.

Rough translation:

No one has died in carrying out this protest that tries to make visible what happens every day in the Gaza Strip, we managed to draw your attention. Now the hard facts: Over 10,000 children have died and thousands have been injured.

From a neighborhood in the CDMX we demonstrate the magnitude of this genocide on a global level. They will rebuke us the way, but what is the right way in the face of indifference?

We are with Palestine, no doubt. On January 5 we approached lxs walking toy dealers in the framework of the “Kings Day” to whom we explained the purpose of this project, without hesitation lended their positions to take a shot and some photos taking care to do it quickly to avoid looks curious about the passers-by.

This project was meant for the media and social networks some, very few, asked us about the intentions of this project, others replied boyishly in the search of the desired like. Toys bring us the best memories of a time where happiness was not questioned, childhood.

This one evokes the most sacred and that we are letting go in a caravan of death in complicity with the United States, the European Union, of course, NATO the guarantees organizations of world civilization. An apology if we hurt or offended them. From the river to the sea, Palestine will prevail.

Naturally, those spreading the libel have not retracted it, and haters continue to post it as fact, despite the proof existing it is not what they claim. Because they care not for the truth but for demonizing us.

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