New Documentary Set To Expose Antisemitism and Terror Support at Oct 9 Sydney Protest

Remember how a few days after Hamas’ October 7th atrocities, a crowd of antisemites gathered outside the Sydney Opera house for a protest in which there were calls of “F—ck the Jews” and possibly also “gas the Jews?”

I say “possibly”, because there have been those determined to cast doubt on that particular phrase being used, instead claiming it was “Where’s the Jews?”, as if that chant – at a rally after the worst atrocity to befall the Jewish people since the Holocaust and before Israel had even responded – is any better.

There were also those – like APAN head Nasser Mashni – who claimed that any antisemitic phrases at the rally were chanted by a small group of “10 or 15 people”, and not reflective of the protesters who just wanted to “show their support for Palestine.”

A group is now working on a new documentary about the protest titled Where’s the Jews, containing never before seen footage from October 9th. And as you can see from the preview, the Mashni is set to hit the fan, with clear evidence the antisemitism and terror support on display was not confined to just “10 or 15 people”, and that this protest was less about showing “support for Palestine” than showing hatred for Jews and support for the destruction of the Jewish state:

Note also how, invariably, these people hate also Australia and the West. Because it starts with the Jews but never ends with us.

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