Palestinians Still Believe Crazy Things

“Why Do Palestinians Believe Crazy Things” is a headline on a post from February, going around again on social media.

For the past 22 years, the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, (PSR) has produced quarterly surveys. PSR Director Dr. Khalil Shikaki, on the results of the data collected in the December 2015 end-of-year poll and its comparison to the previous three months, said there are “very frightening” trends.

  1. Domestic issues were most alarming. As in the last report, 65% of the public want Mahmoud Abbas to resign. If elections were held, Ismail Haniyeh could win with 10% gap, it was 5% last poll, but the most popular leader is Marwan Barghouti. 78% believe the PA institutions are corrupt and should be dissolved.
  2. With the current confrontations with Israel, 67% support use of knives and violence, a growing majority supports return to an armed intifada. However, woo hoo, 73% oppose the participation of young school girls in the stabbing attacks.
  3. A growing majority continues to reject the two-state solution. 55% oppose a two-state solution. 25% believe there is no solution.
  4. A majority supports ending PA commitment to the Oslo agreement, a similar majority doubts Abbas’ seriousness about abandoning that agreement. 90% believe Israel does not abide by the Oslo agreement.

The “Oslo generation”- the youth between the ages of 18 and 22, are the most supportive of an armed intifada.  According to Shikaki, these young people are not religious, but secular and alienated. They hate Abbas, but are not led by any of the factions. They are leaderless.

85% of the Oslo generation rely on “vicious and inaccurate and inciteful” social media for their information.

Shikaki credited the IDF for acting in a manner keeping the present situation from escalating.

However, a recent Breaking the Silence report is summed up in one tweet:

As long as the Arab and PA “Oslo Gen” use anti-Israel Social Media as their info-bubble of news and information, how can we expect anything but negative or crazy? They will not see Facebook comments like those shared by Brian here.
A few more stats from 1270 Arabs, randomly selected, who live over the green line:
82% believe that Israel’s long term aspiration is to annex the lands occupied in 1967 and expel their population or deny them their rights.
51% believe that Israel intends to destroy al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock and replace them with a Jewish temple.

41% from Gaza would emigrate, with Sweden as the number one destination.

Using great restraint, I have edit out most snarky and snide remarks, draw your own conclusions.

Full PSR report: Palestinian Public Opinion Poll No 58


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