Hamas Closes Down Luxury Resort in Gaza Where Men and Women Seen Enjoying Themselves

Remember the Bianco resort, a luxurious seaside resort in “concentration camp” Gaza which last year was attacked with an explosive device, reportedly due to it holding events with male and female guests, and then was involved in a scandal involving a tuchus?

Hamas has now reportedly closed it down, apparently for allowing young men and women together inside one of the chalets.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in Gaza decided to close a chalet in the Bianco resort in the northern Gaza Strip until further notice; “For non-compliance with the conditions and procedures followed in implementing the events and activities, which violate the customs and traditions of our authentic conservative people.”

The ministry said, in a statement received by “Safa” agency, that it “follows up on all tourist facilities and conducts inspection tours to ensure the conditions for organizing events, public safety and the quality of citizens’ services.”

She indicated that she “is granted conditional permissions to hold events and activities in accordance with the national interest, and the traditions and customs of our conservative people.”

She pointed out that it “follows up on a daily basis the visitors and guests of the chalets and resorts according to an electronic system in partnership with the Tourism Investigations Ministry of the Interior.”

And it stressed that it “withdraws licenses and issues administrative decisions, closures and penalties against those who prove other than their commitment to national instructions.”

“As part of the treatment, the ministry confirms its follow-up with the competent authorities to play its role in preserving the values ​​and culture of our conservative people, who deserve a peaceful life and entertainment in accordance with the legitimate requirements,” she added.

She called on the pioneers of social networking sites “not to be drawn behind the voices calling for sowing discord within the conservative society, which aspires to freedom, independence and liberation.”

A video clip of young men and women inside one of the chalets of the Bianco Resort sparked angry reactions on social media.

I assume Hamas finds men and women enjoying themselves to be unacceptable behavior, for religious reasons. Although this video also harms the narrative of Hamas and other Israel-haters that Gaza is just a miserable place where everyone is poor and depressed.

I am aware there are poor and depressed people in Gaza, but ultimately they are this way thanks to the actions of their Hamas leaders. And this is another example of how.

Meanwhile, not one mainstream media organization has reported about this as of the time of this post.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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