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Revealed: Anti-Israel Gimps of Hatari Are Sons of Iceland’s Political and Social Elite

So it turns out those "edgy", "anti-capitalist" and anti-Israel members of Iceland music group Hatari are really a bunch of privileged, rich kids.

Anti-Israel Gimps Hatari Confirm Last “Interview” Was Fake, Scarf Stunt Was Their Idea All...

Hatari band members have confirmed they run Iceland Music news as well as the company supposedly pulling their strings, and that they are, indeed, real Israel haters.

Hatari Claims They Were Just Following Orders When Waving Palestine Scarves

The saga of Hatari and their anti-Israel protest has taken a bit of a turn.

Anti-Israel Gimps Hatari Reportedly Pissed They Got Lousy Seats on El Al

There are reports that Israel-hating freaks-on-a-leash Hatari are considering filing a formal complaint with Israel’s El Al airline

Report: El Al Crew Brags About Assigning Terrible Seats To Anti-Israel Gimps Hatari

The El Al crew has apparently paid back Hatari, the Icelandic BDS-holes who decided to use Eurovision as an opportunity to show their ignorance about the conflict and ingratitude towards Israel for the hospitality - by assigning them the worst seats.

Losers All Round: BDS Movement Rejects Hatari’s Protest at Eurovision

Last night, Hatari, Iceland's entry at Eurovision, disgraced themselves

WATCH: That Moment a Hater Confuses BDS With ‘BDSM’

I have long jokingly referred to the BDS Movement as BDSM. And I am not alone. But what we saw yesterday was funny, in a meta kind of way


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