Report: El Al Crew Brags About Assigning Terrible Seats To Anti-Israel Gimps Hatari


The El Al crew has apparently paid back Hatari, the Icelandic BDS-holes who decided to use Eurovision as an opportunity to show their ignorance about the conflict and ingratitude towards Israel for the hospitality – by assigning them the worst seats (hat tip: Tommy).

I hope their screens also did not work, and they were sitting right near a crying baby.

Meanwhile, one of the members of Hatari (the one who wears the mask resembling god-knows-what) has responded.

I can assure them, however uncomfortable that flight really was for them, it would pale into comparison with the kind of treatment they would receive if they ever visited Gaza.

In other news, they flew El Al. They sure suck at that BDS thing.

Update: According to Ynet, an airline official claimed that although the seats were less desirable in the plane, this was a coincidence. The stewardess who published the post was reprimanded by her managers.

El Al said in response: “El Al respects all its passengers regardless of their political views, and the claims presented are incorrect and have no basis in reality”

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