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Palestinian Doctor Facing Terrorism Charges in Scotland Suspended from Practicing Medicine

Dr Issam Hijjawi aka Dr Issam Basalat has been suspended from practicing medicine while the criminal investigation in to his activities is ongoing

The Herald of Scotland Removes Report About Terror-Affiliated Anti-Israel Protest

Last week, The Herald of Scotland ran a report about the anti-Israel protest ahead of the Israel-Scotland Euro playoffs soccer match. It was then then taken down.

Media Drops the Ball in Ignoring Terror Support at Scotland vs Israel Pre-Game Protest

A few nights go, Israel faced off against Scotland in a UEFA Nations League game in Glasgow. And naturally the Israel-haters tried to make it all about the palestinian Arabs

Chair of Association of Palestinian Communities in Scotland Charged With Preparatory Act of Terrorism

Yet another link between a so-called palestinian 'activists' and actual terrorists is in the news
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