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Former CNN Journalist Jim Clancy Libels Israellycool

I guess he does not like me pointing out his pathological hatred of Israel and antisemitism

Former CNN Journalist Jim Clancy’s Vile Reaction to Antisemitic Attack on Boy

Jim Clancy continues to show the type of behavior that led to his departure from CNN all those years ago. But he now crosses over into antisemitism territory

Jim Clancy’s Obsession With Hatin’ On Israel (Updated)

Jim, don't deny it any longer. Embrace your hatred

Clear And Present Danger: Jim Clancy’s Anti Israel Views

Clancy is returning to disparage Israel and those who would defend it in public.

Jim Clancy Still Seeing Hasbarists Under His Bed

He's baaa-aaack - on Twitter at least - and still finding it hard to keep his Israel hate to himself

Guest Post (Richard Behar): Persecuting Steve Emerson While Jim Clancy Gets A Pass

Richard Behar is asking the New York Times why it’s attacking one person who misspoke and ignoring another who mis-tweeted.

Ding Dong The Jim Is Gone

And of course we’re all wondering where Jim Clancy will end up next, Al Jazeera, BBC and RT are all possibilities.

CNN BREAKING NEWS! Jim Clancy’s Twitter Account Is Missing

This Twitter account is no more. At first we thought it was just stunned, now we know for sure.

This Is CNN: Jim Clancy Goes On Anti-Israel Rant (Updated)

Clancy lets down his guard


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