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WATCH: Roger Waters Attacks Artists Playing in Israel as ‘Pricks’; Engages in Antisemitic Trope...

I'll save you having to endure the full 43 minutes (it is painful); I have distilled the the "best" bits

Nick Cave Causing BDS-Holes Even More Grief

In his latest blog post, Aussie musician Nick Cave has taken a shot at 'woke' culture

Nick Cave’s Priceless Quip About Roger Waters

Nick Cave recently held a Q&A-style speaking event in Adelaide, Australia. The subject of BDS and Roger Waters came up, given Nick's outspoken opposition to BDS. His response was priceless.

Nick Cave’s Stunning Rebuke of “Antisemitic at Heart, Cowardly and Shameful” BDS

Nick Cave elaborates on his stance against BDS

Musician Phil Soussan Rips “Pseudo Conscious Scumbag Roger Waters And His Racist Hate Brigade”

Phil certainly has a way with words. And I love him for it.

Double Whammy for BDS! Coldplay’s Chris Martin Was At Nick Cave Concert in Israel

News about Nick Cave's concert tour of Israel just gets better and better

Roger Waters Whining Response to Nick Cave: “A Mixture of Sorrow, Rage and Disbelief”

Some high-profile BDS-holes have responded publicly to Nick Cave, including Roger Waters

Nick Cave to Israeli Audience: “I Love You, I Love You, I’m F***ing Crazy...

More emphatic declarations of love for Israeli fans

Nick Cave May Not Be Such A Bad Seed After All

Perhaps an especially bitter pill for the BDS-holes to swallow
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