Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who’s Got The Worst Headline Of Them All (At Least Today)


mirror headline

This is the Mirror headline greeting us when we access their story on hate crimes in Paris, in the wake of the latest terror attacks at the hands of Muslim terrorists.

The report itself is no better.

A Muslim woman was wounded with a box cutter in a race-hate attack following the Paris terrorist atrocities, France’s interior minister has said.

Bernard Cazeneuve condemned the assault and another attack on a Jewish teacher as “cowardly” and urged French citizens to remember the “values of the Republic”.

The assaults came on the day French police raided an apartment block in a Paris suburb in the hunt for Islamic State (IS) extremists suspected of carrying out Friday’s massacre in the capital, killing 129 people.

The young woman, who was wearing a veil, was punched and slashed as she left a metro station in Marseille, in the south of France, by a person who made comments about her religious dress. She was taken to a nearby hospital.

A second racially-motivated assault took place at around 8pm in the port city’s 13th district when a teacher from a Jewish religious school was stabbed by a group who shouted anti-Semitic slurs and comments “glorifying terrorism”.

French media reported the gang of three men claimed to support IS and the man was stabbed in the leg.

The main attack is the one on the Muslim woman, with the antisemitic attack – clearly perpetrated by Muslims – relegated to second place, mentioned almost as an aside.

And in case you can’t visualize what the victim might have looked like (the Muslim one, that is), the Mirror includes this photo.
muslim woman

While all racially motivated attacks on innocent people are equally reprehensible, why did the Mirror decide the one on the Muslim woman was worthy of more emphasis?

That was a rhetorical question by the way.

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