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Palestinian Websites Deliberately Mislead About Murder of Palestinian Boy in Belgium

A few days ago, a number of palestinian sites, like WAFA, Quds News Network, and IMEMC, reported the murder of a young palestinian child in Belgium.

Palestinian Propaganda “Own Goal”: The Haifa Refugees

Anti-Israel propaganda site Quds News Network seems to make a real habit of posting things that are not true, or that show something that actually undermines the point they are trying to make with the post to begin with

Quds News Network’s Most Delicious Propaganda Screw-Up Yet

"Palestinian girls from Jaffa" are not what they seem

Quds News Network Quietly Removes Libel Following My Post

Quds News Network have quietly removed a post, after I pointed out to them (and the world) that the photo is actually of the IDF removing Jews (for benefit of palestinian Arabs)

Libel of the Day: Life’s a Drag for Palestinians Edition

Palestinian propaganda Facebook page Quds News Network is justifying terrorism, using this photo of Israeli soldiers dragging a poor palestinian to hammer home the point

Palestinian Propaganda Screw-Up of the Day

Palestinian propaganda Facebook page Quds News Network has posted this old photo and caption

Confirmed! Real International Medical Professionals Helping Out in Gaza

Anti-Israel Facebook page Quds News Network has posted about two Italian medical professionals helping in Gaza

Another Palestinian “Own Goal”: Hitler La Visa, Baby!

As fake as about everything else we have come to expect from palestinian propaganda.

Ridiculous Palestinian Propaganda of the Day

If this TRT World video posted by Quds News Network is to be believed, Gaza has no more grocery shops, pharmacies, offices, walls or buildings.

Unbridled Jew Hatred: This is QNN

Quds News Network, the Facebook page that spends 24/7 demonizing the Jewish state, recently got sloppy and allowed its inner Jew hater to shine

Latest Palestinian Propaganda “Own Goal”: Monk-ing Around Edition

Quds News Network with the latest in their series "Dredging up old photos of mandate Palestine to make some sort of point I am not really sure of."

Ridiculous Palestinian Propaganda of the Day

The reliably unreliable Quds News Network has posted this video of "A Palestinian horse" that "won an old racing for horses in 1950."

The Root Cause of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict…In a Tweet

This tweet by palestinian propaganda site Quds News Network is screen captured for posterity - as a reminder as to the true root cause of the conflict


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