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The Ugly Truth Behind Photogenic El-Kurd Twins

They are being described as "Israel's worst nightmare," and they are certainly an Israel-hater's wet dream when it comes to PR bonanzas
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Syrian Blogger: The Sheikh Jarrah Homes Are Owned By Jews

In case you missed it: a Syrian blogger has explained to the Arab world the truth behind recent events at Sheikh Jarrah
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Shimon Hatzadik (Sheikh Jarrah) Arabs: Our Lawyers and PA Have Caused Our Predicament

The world should be shouting out at PA in disgust, and not pointing a finger at Israel. If they truly cared about these people, that is
sheikh jarrah demo

What You Need To Know About What Is Happening in Sheikh Jarrah

The truth behind what is happening in Sheikh Jarrah, a truth that is not being widely reported if reported at all

Fauxtography of the Day: The Sheikh Jarrah Eviction Mockers

The haters are sharing the following photo and captions in response to a court ruling evicting a number of Arab families in Sheikh Jarrah

The Day In Israel: Sunday Mar 7th, 2010

Approximately 3,000 leftists - including Meretz Chairman Haim Oron and New Israel Fund President Naomi Chazan - joined palestinians in demonstrating in east Jerusalem’s...
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