The Ugly Truth Behind Photogenic El-Kurd Twins


They are being described as “Israel’s worst nightmare,” and they are certainly an Israel-hater’s wet dream when it comes to PR bonanzas: Muna and Mohammed El-Kurd, a photogenic pair of twins who are articulate and have huge social media followings.

With what the video calls their “peaceful activism”, there is truly an attempt to paint them as angels. And it is not always so subtle.

But are they really about peaceful activism? Spoiler alert: No.

An examination of social media indicates that these twins are pro-terrorism.

Fatah recently posted this photo of Muna holding up her cellphone, revealing a picture of terrorist Dalal Mughrabi, who murdered 38 people including 13 children.

muna el kurd phone

Brother Mohammed is more outspoken on social media when it comes to where he stands on terrorism.

He views all Israelis as settlers, genocidal ones no less

Mohammed El-Kurd

which is why he promotes violence and sees terrorism as mere “resistance.”

Mohammed El-KurdMohammed El-KurdMohammed El-KurdMohammed El-Kurd

Naturally, he sides with Hamas

Mohammed El-Kurdwhile downplaying their “homemade rockets.”

Mohammed El-Kurd

Like his sister, he idolizes terrorists

Mohammed El-Kurd

and will even lie to defend them

Mohammed El-Kurd

And while Mohammed lies to protect a terrorist who actually stabbed an Israeli teenager, he similarly lies to invent a story about a palestinian being stabbed:

Mohammed El-Kurd

He’s also not a huge fan of the US.

Mohammed El-Kurd

As the twins do the media rounds, most people will not look past the clean-cut appearances, good English, and tales of woe. Which is why it is important to share the ugly truth about these new palestinian Arab icons.

Thanks to Emily Schrader for drawing my attention to some of the posts featured here.

Update: As some have rightly mentioned, their surname El-Kurd indicates they are likely originally from Kurdistan, and clearly not indigenous to Israel. But we already knew that.

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