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Birds of a Feather: Israel Honors Former Canadian PM Stephen Harper

Former Canadian PM and outspoken supporter of the Jewish state, Stephen Harper, has been honored - with a bird sanctuary in Israel.

Former Canadian PM Stephen Harper Rips Jeremy Corbyn & Antisemitism of the Left

This is one of the most glorious rippings of Jeremy Corbyn and the far Left I have ever seen.

Jose María Aznar & Stephen Harper: North America and Europe Must Join Israel in...

"To prevent a full-scale crisis, North America and Europe must join Israel in stopping Iran."

Opposition To Iran Deal Comes From Many Corners, And With Good Reason

It is Iran, not Netanyahu and not Republicans, that would choose war to protect its nuclear program

Watch: Stephen Harper’s Yom Ha’atzmaut Message

Perhaps our best friend in the world with some warm words

Who HAS Congratulated Binyamin Netanyahu

Many leaders have done the right thing
image Canada Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper Takes on Jihad

Stephen Harper sounds like a true leader

Stephen Harper: “Hey Jude” For The Juden

Just when you thought Stephen Harper could not get more cool...he does

Photo Of The Day: When Harper Met Abbas

Mahmoud lets Stephen know how he really feels about the latter's pro-Israel stance

Thank You Arab MK Hecklers

For giving instant validation to what Canadian PM Stephen Harper JUST said.
photo Steven Harper, picture Prime minister Canada and Israel , image Canada Prime minister in Israel

Stephen Harper: Flowers, Flags, Honor Guards and More

Little Israel throws big welcome for Canadian visitors

Stephen Harper Does The Knesset (Updated With Video)

And what a glorious speech it was

Canadian PM Stephen Harper Is Coming To Israel Tomorrow

And we just have one simple thing to ask from him.


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