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Linda Sarsour Turns on The Jewish Forward

Hell hath no fury like a Jew hater scorned.

The Forward Ends Its Print Run

I have recently been calling for the Forward to shut up shop, given its slide into irrelevance as it continues to publish vile anti-Israel and even antisemitic commentary. And it seems my calls have been partially answered. Or maybe not.

The Forward Goes Full Antisemite

This is the simply one of the vilest things I have seen from a Jewish publication in a while

The Forward Experiences Problems With Their Articles

Problems for The Forward

“Greatest Act of Holocaust Denial of All Time” According to Jewish Forward’s Batya Ungar-Sargon

What transpired after I noticed a bit of a lovefest going on between Ariel Gold and Batya Ungar-Sargon, opinion editor at the Forward

Cutting Costs, The Forward Now Just Links Straight to Linda Sarsour’s Twitter Feed

It just made sense to cut out the middleman and bring Linda's woke tweets directly to the Forward's woke audience
full protective gear for soldier on Route 60

Forward Going Backward

Foul winds and foul media bias

Forward Thinking: Ayala Shapiro? Had It Coming To Her

According to The Forward and Reuters, Ayala Shapiro deserved what happened to her. Damned settlers.


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