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  • Israel plans to today appeal the decision by the Spanish judge to party like its 1492 open a probe against National Infrastructures Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer and six other current or former Israeli officials over a 2002 bombing in Gaza that killed one Hamas terrorist and 14 other people.
  • The ship carrying Iranian arms for Hamas has been detained in Cyprus

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4:00PM: I’m signing off until after the Jewish Sabbath. But there’s a chance that one or more of my contributors will post updates in my absence (as long as it is not the Jewish Sabbath where they are).

Aussie Dave, signing off.

1:38PM: Many Gazans are getting increasingly fed up with with Hamas.

A Hamas cabinet minister carried a carton stuffed with checks worth nearly $2 million into a Gaza tent camp pitched on the ruins of the Salam neighborhood, close to the Israeli border.

But before hundreds of homeless residents could collect, they had to listen to a political speech. Social Affairs Minister Ahmed al-Kurd told them Israel’s military machine was defeated and that the Hamas government would rebuild their neighborhood bigger and better.

“There’s a lot of talk,” resident Zayed Khader, 45, said after the speech, as he waited for his name to be called so he could pick up relief checks worth a total of $6,000 for his family of nine. “When I see them actually building my house, I’ll say these are good words.”

Khader watched Thursday’s bustle, of cabinet ministers, bodyguards and aid deliveries, with disdain. He said he has told visiting Hamas politicians that the civilians are the losers and that they oppose continued rocket fire on Israel – the attacks that triggered the war.

“It’s all hot air,” he said of the officials’ promises. “What do they care if my house is bombed?”

Jumma Dardona, whose nearby three-story family house has been rendered uninhabitable, fears he’ll live in a tent for a long time. “No one knows the accurate period,” said Dardona, 34, as he cut firewood behind the last row of tents, his 6-year-old son Mohammed by his side.

11:50AM: A large group of palestinians want to ban the BBC from operating in the Gaza Strip.

That’s fine by me.

10:52AM: So much for that idea (looked really bad in Firefox).

10:35AM: I am going to be playing around with a new theme today. Feel free to give me your feedback, including whether you prefer it to the current one.

10:00AM: Cuban leader Fidel Castro has criticized US President Barack Obama for supporting Israel’s ‘palestinian genocide’.

In other news, Cuban Leader Fidel Castro is still alive.

Either that, or he has a ghost writer (literally).

9:00AM: Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has received a hero’s welcome in Turkey for acting like a goose.

Meanwhile, despite his hissyfit, Turkey is expected to buy some Zionist Death Drones.TM7:32AM: On the day that Israeli PM Ehud Olmert is to undergo his 13th interrogation, Israel has arrested 13 wanted palestinian terrorists.

Thirteen. Thir thir thir thir thirteen.

7:22AM: Someone who always forgets her meds is Roseanne Barr.

i am going to move to israel and run for president

there and win. When I am elected, I will make peace for my people and help to turn Israel into the socialist paradise that German and Russian Jews meant for it to be. I would first pay all the palestinians really well and give them self determination. I would beg America to broker a peace deal between we israelis and all our neighbors. I would ask the UN nations to send alot of it’s chinese soldiers to patrol the streets of all cities in the region as peacekeepers. I would invite the pope and all christian doctines as well as mormonism to invest in jerusalem to make it a center of peaceful technologies. I would make Jerusalem the INTERNATIONAL CITY OF BROTHERHOOD AND PEACE exactly as my people’s holy books instruct them to do. I would ask Hashem to be in control and not me, or any other warmongerer satanistic type. only green and peace…as per all that is holy everywhere…there are holy things everywhere that need to be saved…they are not just in books, but under our feet. this is the grandmother’s manifesto…love crackpot granny, r.

6:00AM: Fullofbullah Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah said that the Mossad was behind the 2008 assassination of Imad Mughniyah. OOGA BOOGA!!

Meanwhile, here is the latest result of Nasrallah forgetting to take his meds.

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