Time Of Death: December 2011

Two different doctors have now called the time of death of the United States’ role as an ally of Israel. Under the headline “Ally no more” Caroline Glick says:

Under President Obama, the US government has become hostile to Israel’s national rights and strategic imperatives. Under Obama, the US is no longer Israel’s ally.

Barry Rubin, meanwhile, is only slightly less blunt:

In brief, the Obama Administration encourages and supports the coming to power of fanatically anti-Israel groups, then have the nerve to say Israel is becoming isolated because it isn’t making enough concessions! They encourage and support the rise of regimes that are totally against any peace with Israel or any two-state solution, then have the nerve to say that Israel can defuse the situation by making peace.

You really should read both pieces today.

And if you voted Obama the last time, and you think Jews should continue to live in Israel, maybe consider more carefully who you vote for next time.

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  • Jim from Iowa

    Noooooooo! Make it go away! Nooooooooo!

    • http://www.israellycool.com/author/brianoflondon/ Brian of London

      What, the truth?

      • Jim from Iowa

        No, make this narrative of the death of American-Israeli friendship go away. Caroline Glick and Barry Rubin–that’s all you got?!!? You’re not getting rid of us that easily. We’re like that house guest who never leaves. You’re not fully assimilated until you’re ZEST-fully assimilated with good old American friendship.

        Now, what’s for dinner?

        • z303

          So how many more Israeli lives will the US bravely sacrifice for the sake of peace?

          The record is Communist China, with seventy million. (See Jung Chang, Mao.) Unfortunately, our population is about one-tenth that.

  • ziontruth

    Don’t get so worked up about it. Chances are Israel and the U.S.A. are just going to be like any two countries, neither in hostility nor in alliance.

    Or so at least I hope, trying to be optimistic. However, there’s absolutely no chance the U.S. government is going to take action in Israel’s support in its darkest hour, no matter who’s in the White House. That’s because the glory for saving the Jewish nation would then go to flesh and blood, instead of the One who’s at history’s steering wheel. Count on it.

  • soloman4israel

    we have so much to thank the american/leaders for over the years.
    thanks for the huge amount of money given to our enemy.
    thanks for all the money you have lost/gone missing over the years never to be found but turned into weapons by our enemy to be used against us.
    thanks for the weapons given/sold to those who would destroy us.
    thanks for the money you give our country(that most us dont want)
    thanks for all the rules and regulations you put on us,that goes with these payments ,forever asking that we are the ones to give more and more
    to those that would destroy us.
    thanks for letting us take the blame for every conflict you have ever been envolved in.
    thanks for always keeping us wondering if you are a true friend to us as we are to you.
    thanks for useing us/our country to gain votes to get into power and then trying to rule us.
    “but” also “thank you” to those who are on our side against
    not just our, but the common enemy.
    “thank you” to the american people who are our friends and supporters,but who’s voice is put on hold by a leader who pretends to be our ally but not as much as he is to the enemy,that would destroy us both/all

  • juvanya

    Yea I voted for the mass murderer who seems to hate everyone, whether Jew or Muslim.

    This time theres only one candidate Ill vote for: RON PAUL. If hes not the candidate, Im staying home.

    Newt is a joke and is unelectable. Obama will trounce him.
    Romney is just 2004 in reverse.
    The other goons are dead.

    Newt and Romney are flipfloppers that make sandals look stiff. Theyre all talk and no show. Romney says he will visit Israel first thing in office. Who cares? What does that do for Israel? Obambam visited Israel also. Both of these losers will sell Israel out to dry.

    Meanwhile, Ron Paul has pledged to cut aid completely from Israels enemies, whether its the Saudis, the PA, or the UN. Yes he will also cut Israels “aid”, but that doesnt really help Israel and Israel can accommodate the difference easily.

    Ron Paul will allow Israel to build where it wants and handle its own affairs. Ron Paul has said Israel has every right to bomb Iran, as long as it doesnt expect an American bailout (rightly so). Ron Paul was one of the few to defend Israel when it bombed Osirak. The usual “supporters” of Israel meanwhile condemned the country.

    Yes he has said some pro-Arab things, but anyone who thinks he will materially support the Arabs in any way is a fool, pure and simple.

    The way this country is going with the NDAA and all, it might be time to make aliyah anyway.

    • Jim from Iowa

      I assume it’s not too late to talk you off the ledge, juvanya. But first I have to know what TV shows you watch. If you like “The Daily Show” “30 Rock” or “Late Night with David Letterman” then there’s some hope of reaching you. These are considered “Democrat” shows. If, on the other hand, you watch “Dancing With the Stars” “Swamp People” or “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” then you’re a hopeless Republican and there’s no saving you from yourself.

    • ziontruth

      “Ron Paul will allow Israel to build where it wants and handle its own affairs. … Yes he has said some pro-Arab things, but anyone who thinks he will materially support the Arabs in any way is a fool, pure and simple.”

      If you’re the gambling type, could you at least confine it to your own property?

      • juvanya

        If you bet on Paul, you know what you get. He has been consistent for 30 years and has a record to prove it.

        If you support Santorum, Flipfloppin Romney, or Three Wive Newt, youre the gambler. You dont know what youre getting with these politicians. We trusted obama, we trusted Bush, we trusted Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter, and what did all of them do for us? Sell Israel out to dry more often than not. Pressure Israel into concessions. Condemn Israel for self-defense.

        Ron Paul will not apply an ounce of pressure to Israel in negotiations. He wont even be a part of it. He is already on record in 1982 being one of the few to support Israels right to self-defense.

        I dont know what you have against him. Ron Paul: Right for America, Right for Israel.


        • ziontruth

          “I dont know what you have against him.”

          I said it before and I’ll say it again: If he can talk like the Leftists in blaming 9/11 on “blowback for American meddling,” then he can act like the Leftists in appeasing the Muslims on the Jewish State’s expense.

          I have nothing against the man himself, in fact I’m very much in agreement with his fiscal proposals. The thing is, I simply don’t trust him on foreign policy. If I believed he’d maintain a totally hands-off stance toward the entire Middle East Conflict, I’d be with you in endorsing him for the presidency (not that it really matters beyond sentiments—I’m an Israeli and he’s not running anymore). But I’m not sure he’d do that, so I consider him a risky model.

          “If you support Santorum, Flipfloppin Romney, or Three Wive Newt, youre the gambler.” (and the rest to the end of the paragraph)

          I agree with you 100%, juvanya. I don’t endorse any of them. I want the relationship between the U.S.A. and Israel to be normalized—changed from an abuse-prone “alliance” to a regular, plain-dealing relationship between two states. I want neither the current situation nor a slide into hostility like there was in 1956, in the days of the Sinai War, when the two countries weren’t allies but Eisenhower nevertheless dealt with Israel (as well as allies Britain and France) heavy-handedly. My greatest fear regarding Ron Paul is that he could be a new Eisenhower in his behavior toward Israel.

    • z303

      I would ask you to reconsider. The best is the enemy of the good. This – actually not this, but Hilary’s – had the opposite effect on me; it convinced to even vote for Paul agaisnt Obama (or Clinton).

      Although I’m not sure if New Jersey is in play in any case?

      • juvanya

        Reconsider what? Im not voting for anyone who will continue to destroy America and will be wishywashy and twofaced on Israel. Israel CAN NOT rely on the most self-interested and arrogant country in the world. You and me both know that the US would switch sides on a dime if it became more beneficial.

        We will put every state in play if Ron Paul wins. We being his supporters. (Not saying it will naturally occur)

        He looks like hell win Iowa. Gingrich is about to crest and Paul far outdid his polling in Iowa in 2008. NH could be a Paul win, but as long as he gets 2nd, were good. SC, the polls say one thing, my friend who visits there frequently says another. Hes seen RP signs everywhere and there is no way a religious state will vote for a Mormon or a man with three wives. Then Nevada, RP could pull off a win since its caucuses. He was actually cheated out of a number of delegates in 2008, but thats another story.

        So as long as democracy is upheld, RP has a good course charted and we will all be better off if he wins.

        • Jim from Iowa

          FYI–Here’s some inside baseball on Iowa politics 2012. There is no clear front-runner and there is definitely an enthusiasm gap. You see very few yard signs this year compared to past years where about every third house had a political sign in front. The organized Evangelicals have swallowed hard and thrown their hat in with Newt, a Catholic convert, much to the chagrin of Bachmann and Santorum campaigns. My guess is the top three will be Paul, Newt, Mitt, but don’t ask me the order. Remember that you have to get at least 15% of the caucus-goers to have any support reported out of the causcus (counted as a “viable” candidate). A non-viable candidate of less than 15% gets reported as “no support” for that caucus site.

      • juvanya

        This article is probably the best yet. An interview with Paul:


        “I think that some not only misunderstand the American Constitution and the role we should have in the world, they also misunderstand Zionism. Part of the original idea of Zionism, as I understand it, was that there should be Jewish independence and Jewish self-reliance. Today, America doesn’t want anyone to be self-reliant.”

        Does that sound even remotely anti-Zionist to you?

        “We give $3 billion a year to Israel in loans; and we give $12 billion or more in assistance to Israel’s self-declared enemies. Some of these are countries that say they will drive Israel into the sea.”

        Cant argue with that.

        “We should share intelligence for mutually agreed-upon goals. We should honor our pledge to refuse any arms sales that would undermine Israel’s qualitative military edge in the region.”

        “Israel should stop sacrificing their sovereignty as an independent state to us or anybody else, no matter how well-intentioned.”

        Hes to the right of Netanyahu!

        I seriously do not understand why anyone except someone connected to the war machine (Boeing, Raytheon, etc) or the big businesses (Bank of America, GE, General Motors, etc) would oppose this man. He is the only one who can unite socialists and conservatives.

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