Another Syrian Mortar, Another Ignorant Media Myth


Update: The IDF spokesperson issued a new, conflicting statement (in Hebrew) that it was a Syrian cannon that fired a 122mm shell, and not a mortar bomb as previously reported. The reality is probably that what fired was a 2S1 Gvozdika. I’ll update this header accordingly when new information is available.

For the second straight day, Syria fired a mortar at Israel.

The events played out in a similar sequence to those on Sunday, when an errant Syrian shell elicited an Israeli warning shot at the Syrian military for the first time since the 1973 Yom Kippur War. On Monday, however, the IDF said it shot “at the source of the fire in Syria.”

In the following illustration you can see the mortar battery on the right, and the IDF base that was hit on the left.

This was yesterday’s event, but as it turns out, it was exactly the same scenario as the one from today. Same Syrian battery, same location in Israel.

You know how a lightning never strikes the same place twice? Neither do mortars, from the same battery, at the same IDF base, when they are supposedly used to quell the Syrian resistance. Although it suffered quite a beating, the Syrian army is still not incompetent enough to accidentally fire a mortar at the wrong place with such high accuracy for two consecutive days.

The reality is much more simple. It was on purpose.

I called it out on twitter, in light of recent idiotic reporting trend on Israel and Syria:

And seconds later I was hit with this:

And they keep on coming:

How stupid can they be?


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