Back To The Doucher

Anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein today tweeted the following, as part of his war against the Jewish state.

He is referring to current demos against the Prawer plan.

Leaving aside the fact the correct term is Mista’arvim, that very image was posted over two years ago (hat tip: Adi)

(Not that it provides any proof they are Israeli undercover cops. And note the fire in the background of one of the photos – peaceful demo, eh?)

So unless the undercover cops got hold of a DeLorean DMC-12 designed by Chief Mossad scientist Doc Brown, and traveled back a few years, the DouchebloggerTM  has once again been caught red-handed posting false things. No doubt another indication he will post anything that suits his anti-Israel narrative, without doing any kind of due diligence.

One more for the list.

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  • anneinpt

    Not only has he posted a false image, but if the people circled in the photo are not mista’arvim, he has gone and marked them out for immediate revenge if not murder by their very own people for being the enemy.

    What an idiot and a douchebag.

    But then I repeat myself.

  • Yoni

    Is he going crazy? His recent posts are extra douchy, or maybe he needs to replace his douche

  • Benny

    In a post yesterday (2 Dec), Silverstein condemns Israel for finding the Arabs guilty who lynched Eden Natan Zada (the Israeli who had opened fire on a bus).

    In order to whip up anti-Israel hatred, Silverstein conveniently neglects to mention that Zada “was restrained and handcuffed” (Wikipedia) when he was attacked and beaten to death by the Arabs — despite the fact that this Arab mob savagery is captured on video.

    Then completely contradicting himself, Silverstein speciously claims “I’m not in favor of extra-judicial executions.” (Dec 3).

    Even more egregious, Silverstein goes on to compare the Arab lynch/murder of the defenseless Zada with the stopping of the Arab perpetrator of the Merkaz ha Rav massacre, who was shot literally in the act of “spraying automatic fire” while hunting young students. (But don’t expect to find that “inconvenient” information in Silverstein’s rant.)

    Surely Silverstein can see the difference between the two, but he blurs it intentionally in order to blacken the image of Jews and Israel (the old “see — Jews do it too” approach).

    He is the most dishonest, distorted, hate-blinded blogger I have ever run across.

  • jpl