IDF Purim Celebrations near Gaza Border


Before Purim, many groups arrange for thousands of mishloach manot, special food gift packages to be given to IDF soldiers. It can be a great fund raiser.

This year I went along with one group. First stop was a small army base a few kilometers away from the Gaza border.

image Givati solider, photo IDF soldiers , picture Israeli soldiers

The 100 Givati soldiers had spent the entire night awake, closely watching for infiltrators.

They seemed to appreciate that anyone would schlep out there to give them a gift and a handshake.

image IDF soliders, photos soldiers singing. picture Israeli soldiers The Purim celebration began with the army choir singing in their small dining hall.

image Israeli soldiers, photo IDF, picutre Israeli soldiersBy the end, all were singing and dancing together, a beautiful moment.

image Israeli soldiers, photo Givati, picture Rabbi IDF

Last stop was a large army base, again with the army choir performing.

But here in the the modern auditorium was a full program and

image Purim costumes, photo soldiers dressed for purim , photo IDF Purim

many soldiers were dressed in Purim costumes. That horse was happy to pose for a photo.

Image Idf soldiers, female Israeli soldiers, photo girls in IDF

Soldiers were smiling with the US visitors and posing for lots of pictures.

And then BOOM,

image in bomb shelter, photo soldiers in shelter, image army shelter

a few minutes later we were all in bomb shelters, as rockets started raining in from Gaza.

At least there were plenty of snacks as we listened to one explosion after another.

One of the skits, called Tzeva Adom, Red Alert, had everyone laughing.

Then came the real thing,

Tzeva Adom, the party was over and no one was laughing.



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