You Know You Are A Bit Too Fixated On Passover When..

You see this photo:



And your immediate thought is “Why is Kerry standing in front of a huge matzah?”

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  • Jim from Iowa

    Now you’ve done it Dave. All I can think about is something called “matzoh crack;” that confection that has a matzoh base but then has piled on top of it chocolate, nuts and caramel, if I remember right. You’ve turned me into a kind of Pavlov’s dog and it’s drenching my keyboard at the moment.

  • cba


  • Norman_In_New_York

    Kerry figures that a little ketchup will make the matzoh go a long way.

  • rulierose

    so basically, a big piece of dough with no leavening standing in front of another big piece of dough with no leavening.

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