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Embarrassing JVP Seder With Rashida Further Proof They Are As Kosher As a Ham...

Yesterday, Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) held a Jews for Rashida Virtual Passover. Or should that be Virtual Jews for Rashida Passover.

Linda Sarsour’s Epic Screw-Up

Linda Sarsour has tweeted out this video from Saturday Night Seder, calling it "beautiful"

Rashida Tlaib Learned One Lesson of Passover, But Not The Main One

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib tweeted out a Passover greeting for her Jewish friends and neighbors

IfNotNow, Then At Least Not on a Jewish Holiday

Those crazy Israel-hating kids of IfNotNow staged a sit-in at Berkeley Hillel on Friday. Which may have seemed like a good idea at the time, except for one important detail.

IDF Trolls the London Labour Party

The IDF has posted this greeting for Jews Christians and Druze. Notice anything?

Rashida Tlaib Goes The Two-Bread Loaf Passover Greeting

UK Labour Party: We will tweet an ignorant Passover greeting graphic with a loaf of bread. Rashida Tlaib: Good idea! But I'll go with two loaves of bread.

WATCH: An Italian’s Take on Passover

It's funny 'cause it's true.

London Labour Wishes Jews A Happy Passover….With A Loaf of Bread!

In their latest attempt to show they really do like the Jews after all, London Labour have tweeted the following Passover greetings

Four Additional Questions for Passover

Reader Chaim would like to add four additional questions to the Passover Seder

Wikihow To Have Us Saying ‘WTF’?

Here is how wikiHow felt it best to illustrate shopping for Passover and Seder

Brexit Is Failing Because It Lacks Israeli Resilience

Judaism is a cultural super technology because it instills a desire for freedom and it legislates by handing down one set of laws for all.

Corbyn Pesach: Jeremy Corbyn Says He “Learned Alot” From (Antisemitic) Passover Seder

UK Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn is again under fire, this time for attending a Passover seder with a leftist Jewish group that wants Israel...

Passover Greeting Fail of the Day

Oh Manitoba New Democratic Party Caucus social media person, YOU HAD ONE JOB!


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